Blazing Hot

Top: Hollister | Shorts: Forever21+ | Shoes: Dr. Jays (Apple Bottoms) | Sunglasses: Target

My weekend has been very busy. I did some pre-filming for my YouTube channel to get a head for moving and i went though all my things, to though away any unwanted junk. But nether the less the weekend was beautiful and cooler compared to Friday, when i took these pictures at 90 degrees.
 I am not one to wear shorts but as i have gotten to this age, i realize it don't matter, my legs are mine and there is no need to hide them from the world. I will be doing a post on self confidence from my experience.
 I hope you all are doing well and had a great weekend. Remember to use the hashtag #TLKwihCort to ask me any questions, you may have.

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photos by Eric & I

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