My CD Collection {Pt. 1}

{Mariah Carey - The Remixes}
I cant pick a favorite song, off of this album! Its party feel good music, a great album to work out too.
{Clipse - Lord Willin'}
This CD was what i call before my time, even though i was like 12 when it came out. Some people might ask how do you even know about this CD or even understand. Well, i new who Pusha T was, so i wast confused there and needed to CD when i heard the song "Grindin". I think this album has amazing beats, if your into that.
1. Grindin
2. Cot Damn
3. Young Boy
4. When the Last Time
{Destiny's Child - Survivor}
An album and group that supported girl power and made you feel like you could do anything. But self respect is key!
1. Nasty Girl
2.Independent Women Part 1
4. Survivor
{Damian Jr. Gong Marley- Welcome to Jamrock}
This album is nothing but spectacular! You feel and understand every song. Rastafari, Peace and help and the words that come to mind.and Damian is really good at explaining whats going on. The lyrics give a lot of detail and the way the beat and rhythm is retread, you will feel touched!
1. Confrontation
2. Welcome to Jamrock
3. Move!
4. Road to Zion
5. We’re Gonna Make It
6. Khaki Suit
{Sarai - The Original}
You might have not even heard of her because i feel like she didn't get much reconnection for her music. But this album talks a lot about her life and the ways she See's things.
1. Pack Ya Bags
2. Ladies
3. L.I.F.E
4. Mary Anne
{En Vogue- ev3}
A group that had great soulful vocals/
1. Don't Let Go
2. Does Anybody Hear Me
3.Let it Flow
4. Damn I Wanna be your Lover
{Joss Stone- Mind, Body & Soul}
The title tells it all! The soulfulness is something Joss has to be so young. I love every song on this Album and it was hard to pick just some.
 1. Daniel (untitled bonus track
2. Sleep Like A Child
3. Right to be Wrong
{Mariah Carey- Emotions}
This was the first tape i had as a kid. My grandmother bought it for me because i used to sing to Mariah Carey songs in the car as a toddler. So yes Mariah Carey has been my favorite artist my whole life. (love every song, so meaningful}
1. Emotions
2. And You Don't Remember
3. Make it Happen
4. The Wind
{No Doubt- Tragic Kingdom}
I was born when he 90's first started and this album was so popular and Gwen was the shit. At the time and still now she has a voice that has so much character, it makes every song unique and fun.
 1. Spiderwebs
2, Just a Girl
3. Happy Now
4. Don't Speak
5. Tragic kingdom
{Lil Kim - La Bella Mafia}
This Album is not that great. but i do like these 3 songs!
1. This is Warning
2. Magic Stick
 3. The Jump Off
{The Pussycat Dolls - PCD}
Songs are catchy and there were so many girls (just like the Spice Girls) you could pick one you related too.
1. Don't Cha
2. Wait A Minute
3. I Don't Need A Man
{The Black Eyed Peas - elephunk}
When the song "Where is the Love" came out (with video) i was in love. That is also the song that got me into The Black Eyed Peas and fergie was was my favorite!
1. Let's Get Retarded
2. Hey Mama
3.Shut Up
4. Where is the Love

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