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May 22, 2014

OPI + Coca-Cola

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Hey my friends! On Monday i received the Marie Claire June 2014 issue (US addition and i have a subscription) and flipping rough the pages, doing my things like i always do. Iv noticed a new collection from OPI. At first i didn't even know it was OPI all Ive seen was the name Coca-Cola and a nail polish... so i flipped out! Coca-cola is a VERY iconic type of Soda and brand loved by like everyone (even myself) . So i of course had to go to the OPI website and make sure this was real... and it is!
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The colors in this line are all very pretty and thinking of Coca-Cola and all of the different types and flavors; i don't know how they even came up with some of these colors... just brilliant! But like always, i will tell you what colors i would love to add to my collection.
  • Coca-Cola Red (you have to get it! This is what the collection is about)
  • Orange You Fantastic (Its had to find a good looking orange color but the swatches of this orange is where its at)
  • Today I Accomplished Zero (i have never seen a color like this before, it looks spacey)
So i would like to know, "Did you know about this collection before seeing this post?" and "What colors would you get?"
It was nice talking to you all, and i will see you in my next post <3

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