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{Torrid sandal from 2-3 years ago ft. here}
Hello Friends! 
The weather is getting warmer and those summer clothes are being pulled out again. But if you are like me, you might need some new sandals. Every summer i get a new pair or more of sandals; only because i wear them to death. But sandal shopping (or shoe shopping in general) can be really difficult for me. See, i wear a size 11/12 (US SIZE), that for a girl is a really big foot and stores don't tend to carry my size all that often. But things have took a change! Back in 2006 a lovely store called Torrid moved into town. They didn't just carry the size clothing i needed but they also sold shoes... Shoes in the size and width i needed. YESSS! So my secret is out! I wear a size 11/12 and a buy a pair of Torrid Sandals every year. 
So the meaning behind this rambling short story is, if you have bigger feet don't feel like you have to just settle for anything in your size. Make sure you look around and find pair you really truly love. Here are six sandal picks from i really like. I hope this post helped you in any way, shape or form and i will see you all in my next post :)
{Luv Ya}
  1. Leopard T-Strap  $29.50
  2. Studded Leopard Gladiator $34.50
  3. Leopard Strap & Metallic Braid $32.50
  4. Rhinestone T-Strap $32.50
  5. NYLA Skull T-Strap $55.50
  6. NYLA Spiked Strappy Metallic $37.98

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