Gillette Venus: Snap with Embrace Review

influ5 Hello my fellow shy children!
A couple of weeks ago i receive this Gillette Venus Snap with Embrace razor, complimentary of to test out. I have been using it very often, since i was in the process of moving. Therefor i can give you my very honest opinion, if you have been wanting to try it out.
That being said, in this review i will be covering these Points: Packaging, Product review (with Pros & Cons), and My Final Thoughts. So lets get started :)

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Packaging: Opening the box Influenster sent me, everything was packaged nicely. The box has the Gillette Venus snap with embrace razor in it (packaging in its original new packaging), a Gillette Venus coupon book that contained one coupon and other blades they carry and Influenster's box info post card.

Product Review: When you have the packaged product in your hand and looking at it, it looks like your mini razor would be the image you see. But that is not the case, your razor is actually inside that cute little blue caring case. Opening up the case is really easy but that being said your razor is very secure. There is a little snap part inside the holds your razor in place. When you take out the razor you will notice how light and small it is. to me its completely adorable.
The razor does have 5 blades and two moisture strips. All you have to do is wet the razor and shave. I personally like to wet the area and then the razor before shaving. Here is a video tutorial :). No shaving cream is needed and i think that's a plus. Also When you shave, you will not feel a thing. I didn't feel the blades or any pulling of hair...Nothing! But i had really smooth skin and it was shiny, so this razor gives a really close shave.
If i didn't mention it before, this razor was promoted and meant to be used as an on the go, put in your beach bag/suit case type of thing. That's great in all but i think this razor would be really great for pre-teens and teens.
I did look up this product to see how much it would cost you all to but it and its about $10 USD at Target. That's not the bad compared to the replacement blades that run about $16 USD (4-count package). That's just two high for even me! So coupons will be needed to get that price down.

Pros: 5 blades, wet n shave, compact, light weight, durable, cute, no pull or tug, cant feel a thing, travel case
Cons: replacement blades are high in price

My Final Thoughts: I suggest everyone gives this product a try, even pre-teens that are shaving. I can not state enough how easy this product is to use and how you wont feel a thing.  If you are traveling, going to the beach/poor or even play a summer sport this would be perfect to pack with you. If price is a problem remember their are coupons out there. Put that with a sale and your winning :)

"I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."

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