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Hey fellow shy children!
So i have been putting this topic on the back burner for a while now. But recently the questions on my piercings have picked back up. Therefor it is time for me to explain and get the questions you have all been asking answered. I will not be showing you all my piercings in this video or post, there will be another time for that.
I will also like to put a disclaimer out there, this is not a post to encourage you to get piercings or  harass your parents to let you get them. This is just my advice and experience.
Therefore lets get into the Advice and Information!

When did you get your first piercing?
I got my main ear lobes pierced when i was a baby. I don't remember any of it, i just know my mom took me to get them done.
If you are under 18 years of age and you didn't get your ears pierced young, your parents might have not wanted you to have it done or they didn't even think about it at all. I know there are parents that want there kids to make there own decision about things like this, so if you ask them maybe they will say, "YES". But if they say, "NO" don't dwell on it to much, just wait tell your 18.

What does your parents think about you piercings?
My mom doesn't like piercings or tattoos for that matter. She doesn't understand why people get them or even like them. So for me she thinks i went to far and i shouldn't get any more.
Piercing and to get them or not to get them is all based on personal preference, Some people are going to like them on you and some people are going to look at you like your crazy. But just remember you got them for you!

Who inspired you to get interested in piercings?
Know one in particular, i am a very open minded person and i love the arts. So when i think of piercings, its my accessories a way of expressing myself. Some people buy bags and watches, i get wholes in my body.
DO IT FOR YOU! This is basically the best advice i could ever give you. Get your piercing done for you, don't get it because you think it will make you cooler or fit in with a different social group. Git it because you love it and can't live without it. Just because it looked nice on her doesn't mean it will look the same way on you.

How did you care for your piercings?
I will be going into more detail when i show you my piercings but basically i cleaned them, rotated them and made sure they were safe.
Piercings come with a lot of care and respectability. Remember this is a fresh wound and you have to keep it clean, so it doesn't get infected. Over cleaning can dry out the area and cause problems too. Also never take out your piercing early, always wait tell its fully healed.

Did you know anything about the piercing before you got it done?
Yes! I feel like i new a lot of what to expect and what i needed because i did my research online. I basically did what your doing now, seeing what people had to say about it from experience or professional work. Always stay ahead of the game.
Look at YouTube Videos, search google and ask people why has the piercing already. This will help you gain the information you will be needing. Also remember ever piercing place has there own way of doing things when it comes to cleaning. So really read that info paper they give you.

Does getting a piercing hurt?
For myself my piercing didn't hurt, they were very fast and easy.
Everyone has there own pain tolerance and there own definition of hurt. So yes, the piercing you want can possibly hurt or it could go smoothly.

I don't know what side i want to get my piercing on, how did you choose?
I went with whatever side i felt look good on me. So if the was the right side then i got it there.
Don't let peoples beliefs of side meanings discourage you on what side you want our piercing on. Remember you are going this for you, not for anyone else.

Where did you get your piercings done at?
Ive been to a lot of different places like tattoo piercing parlors, Clair's, Piercing Pagoda. 
There are 3 types of places you can go to. They are store piercing places like Claire's, icing and piercing pagoda. Tattoo piercing parlors... basically a tattoo places that does piercings too and there is at home/ friends house. I suggest you always go to a tattoo parlor, they have a licence and know what they are doing.

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