Birthday Fishing Trip


On July 24th it was my Birthday and if you are wondering i actually turned 24. I still cant believe how the years went by for me to be the age i am today, but i am very blessed to have seen this day come. On the 24th i just relaxed because i actually celebrated my birthday the day before by going on this lovely fishing trip you all are viewing right now. This was actually my first time ever going fishing and its not going to be my last. I had such a blast fishing and i highly suggest everyone giving it a try because it is truly relaxing.
Anyways i hope you call can take in the beauty through my photos and get inspired. I would also like to say Thank You, to everyone who sent me Happy Birthday wishes, i am so grateful to have all of you as my friends :) and i love you all! 
See you next post my fellow Shy Children
- Cortney Patterson

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Photos by Eric & I

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