FashionShyChild : August 2014

August 29, 2014

Iggy Azalea - Black Widow ft. Rita Ora

Top Three

{The Lego Movie c/o}
At the end of some weeks, i find myself to be so drained. But this week was different. I felt like myself, very inspired and grateful to have a blog that i really love. To the point i have even started planing out next months post. Coming up with ideas that i truly love and i know you all will find helpful and inspiring.
This weekend i will be doing more of the same planning and writing. But do need to get out more and see the world through my own eyes. I hope you all have a great weekend three day weekend and remember to be safe.

{Arizona green tea with ginseng and honey & Hello Kitty cotton candy}

{Top of my toilet decor}

August 28, 2014

My 10 Ways to Consuming More Water

I have never been a lover of drinking water. Thinking back, all I can remember was consuming juice. My sister even gave me a nick name for my juice obsession called, "Gulp Guzzler".
I remember as a kid I would always complain about the taste water; how tap water always taste like chlorine. Of course everyone thought I was crazy and just trying to get out of drinking it...But I really wasn't! I found out filtered water was more of my friend. So if I was to drink water it would be filtered bottle water.
But all of this water nonsense has changed, Kinda...LOL. I still drink juice of course but I have figured out 10 ways to consume more water. I decided to share them with you, due to the fact of knowing I'm not the only one not getting enough water.
So friends, here are my top 10 ways to consume more water:
  1. Add your own flavor: I like to add fruits like strawberry, cucumber and even lime to my water. The natural flavors extracted into the water can really make a difference.
  2. Have a favorite cup: I love tumbler cups and my favorite ones so far are the Starbucks branded ones. You can get them in two different sizes and there great to take on the go. (did you know if you take your Starbucks tumbler cup into Starbucks and older your favorite cold drink in the cup, you will get a small discount).
  3. Keep track of water intake: I personally keep track of my water intake by my cup size. So if I'm using my 16oz or my 24oz i just add it up. There is also great apps out there like Water Alert and Daily Water. So there is no excuse not to keep track.
  4. Only have water in your fridge: I know this might come off as crazy but it works. A lot of us only consume what we have in our fridge. So if there is only water to drink in it, that's what your going to drink.
  5. Think about the way you look: Water has a lot of heath benefits and my favorite is the way it makes your skin look more radiant and healthy. In my head i want to look young for as long as i can (i call it looking like a fetus), and i think its working.
  6. Eat water rich foods: Foods like watermelon, cucumbers and Strawberry's have a lot of water in them. So put some in your diet throughout the day.
  7. Add ice cubes: Just adding simple ice cubes can really make a huge difference. You could also make fruit field ice cubes to stick in your water.
  8. Keep a bottle with you at all times: When you leave out of your front door in the morning you never know what time your actually going to be back home. So always stick a bottle of water in your purse or bag.
  9. Drink through a straw: When i drink through a straw i find myself drinking even more water. Only because I'm drinking it so fast, that my brain didn't process it.
  10. Go to sleep with a glass on your night stand: I get thirsty in the middle of the night or my mouth gets dry. So not even hesitating, I'm reaching and drinking my water.

August 26, 2014

DIY: Customized Skullcandy IPhone Case

One day browsing though a thrift store, that i have never been to before. I can across a section located all the way in the back of the store on the very bottom self. It was a cell phone case box, but not just any cell phone case, all IPhone cases. As i proceeded to look through the box, i can across a Skullcandy iPhone case. Since i am already a proud owner of one i just had to have this wood looking one too. So i purchased it! Once i was back home i decided to take it out of its taped up packing to see how it would look on my phone. But the worst thing happened, some of the tape, the packing was wrapped up in was on the actual wood part of the case. So i ripped it off and Ta-dah my beautiful Skullcandy case was ruined.
Therefor this is the time where the DIY customization part comes into play. I will be walking you through the steps of simple customization. Because know one want to walk around with an ugly phone case.

Things You will Need:
  • The ugly phone case
  • Scissors
  • pen or pencil
  • Shelf or Drawer lining Paper
  • Binder paper

1. Place the phone case down flat and add the binder paper (or any other see through paper) on top of the phone case. Taking your pen or pencil and trace around the part you would like to fix. (For me its the whole back of the case).

2. One you have it traced out, take your scissors and cut along the outline.

3. Now you will have a phone stencil. Take that stencil an place it on top of the Shelf or Drawer lining Paper. (Make sure to have the phone stencil placed on the part you like) Now cut around it!

4. Your Shelf or Drawer lining Paper should match up with your phone case. If it doesn't cut the access paper off before permanently sticking it to your case.

5. Once on your phone case it should look something like this. A beautiful unique Skullcandy phone case that know one else has.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY case and have you every had a time you had to DIY something due to a mess up? Let me know in the comments below. See you next post.

August 25, 2014

Is It Fall Yet!

Top: Target (similar here) | Jeans: Forever21+ | flannel: Levis (fontane) | Boots: Target | Jewlery: & Aldo
I'm so over summer its not even funny! Its gotten to the point that im plotting out fall; online everyday looking at new fall collection and what vampy bold lip i want to rock. I also cant wait for it to cool down over here. Why does the Valley have to be so damn hot, every single day? I hope im not coming off to harsh, like complaining but i can only take so much... I'm only human! How is it like where you live and are you also ready for fall or the next season you have coming up?

isitfallyet4 isitfallyet6 isitfallyet9 isitfallyet3 isitfallyet2 isitfallyet8 isitfallyet1 isitfallyet10 isitfallyet11 isitfallyet5 
Photos by Eric

August 22, 2014

My CD Collection {Pt 2}


{Rihanna - Music of the sun}
This was of course Rihanna's first cd and this is also when i started liking her as an artist. I cant pick a favorite song off of this album because they were all amazing and tell a wonderful story.

Joss Stone - Introducing Joss Stone
I can get lost in her music. I soul tone is really something special and the way she sings it will touch you.
1. Head turner
2. Tell Me 'bout it
3. Music
4. What were we thinking

Mariah Carey - Charmbraclet
This CD means the absolute wold to me. I would play this album on repeat every night, to the point my house got sick of it. I was also bless to have went to the concert. If there is any concert you should attend is a Mariah Carey one.
1.Through the rain
2. The one
3. You had your chance
4. Sunflowers for Alfred Roy

FeFe Dobson
I don't feel like Fefe got a lot of notice for her music. The only time i seen here was on MTV doing guess appearance stuff. Kinda sucks since you can get hooked to these songs.
1. Stupid little love song
2. Bye bye boyfriend
3. Kiss me fool
4. Jive it up

Natasha Bedingfeild - Unwriten
I love her British accent, it makes her music soulful and sweet
1. These words (i love you, i love you)
2. single
3. Silent movie
4. Wild horses 

Paul Walls - The peoples champ
If your more of a beat bass person this album is the shit.
1. They don't know
2. Smooth operator
3. Sittin' Sideways
4. Sip-n-Get high
City High
Tell this day this album has one of my favorite meaningful songs on it.
1. What would you do
2. Caramel
3. 15 will get you 20

Keyshia Cole -  The way it is
Nice to see someone from the bay area actually making it, especially from Oakland.
1. (i just want it) To be over
2. I changed my mine
3. I should have cheated
4. Superstar
Mariah Carey - Glitter
This album is from on of my top 5 favorite movies. I can sing to you all of the songs on this album like a crazy person.
1. If we
2. Didn't mean to turn you on
3. Don't stop (Funkin' for Jamaica)
4. Twister

3lw- A Girl can Mac
Just another girl power, inspirational empowerment CD... lol

 1. I do (wanna get close to you)
2. I need that (i want that)
3. Ghetto love & heartbreak
4. Put 'em up

Fabolous - Real Talk
Real talk is the best title for this album because that is all he does on here. Perfection!
1. Real talk
2. Girls
3. Beathe
4. In my hood

BlacK eyed peas - Monkey business
This cd has a variety of music styles on here, everyone is sure to find a song they like.
1. Don't phunk with my heart
2. Dont lie
3. My humps
4. Ba Bumb

August 19, 2014

August 2014 Ipsy Bag

ipsy agu1 ipsy agu2
Theme: Beauty Schooled
Products in bag:
  1. Urban Decay Perversion Mascara
  2. Absolute New York You're The Balm lip balm in Grape
  3. Coastal Scents Forever Blush
  4. Dr. Brandt Pores no more Primer
  5. Lord & Beauty mini Kohl liner in #1001 Black Silk
Join me on ipsy and subscribe to the Glam Bag! You get 4-5 beauty products every month delivered to your door, for just $10. Michelle Phan curates the bags!
Check it out here:

August 18, 2014

The Goddi Taetoe

IMG_5939 IMG_5944 IMG_5938 
{photos from}
Since my blog started back in 2012 I have been getting help with my Outfit photos from my photographer/ boyfriend Eric. His name is the name you see at the end of my post. He has also been featured here at Fashion Shy Child in post like "Mens Fashion" & "Eric's 30th Birthday".
Therefor i am proud to announce the start of his own fashion blog called, " The Goddi Taetoe". He stated on his blog that its going to be an urban blog for the guys and something guys can relate too.
" I decided to start my own vision/version and make this urban fashion blog for us fellas. Something us dudes can relate to and have a conversation about. There will be fashion, my day to day life and inspiration. It will be venturing out as this blog grows.  "
 I cant wait to see what Eric has in store for the guys. But knowing him its going to be something to look forward too. So make sure to go and follow his blog (link here) and tell him FashionShyChild sent you :). See you next post my fellow shy children.

August 16, 2014

Fish Edition: Coral Beauty

Happy Beauty Weekend!
I am sorry for missing you all last week, but i am back again with another Beauty Weekend look.
Staying on the Fish them for this month, i decided to do a look inspired by the beautiful Coral Beauty (angel fish). This fish has such beautiful colors that i am sure anyone would be willing to rock this look.
Like always i used minimal products to make it easy to recreate. So lets get started!

With a cream eye shadow brush and using e.l.f Smudge Pot in "Back to Basics" apply this color all over your eye lids and even go into the crease.


This is the Coastal Scents 88 eyeshadow palette. The colors marked with a blue "X" are the colors we will be using.


Taking the Yellow color (top left hand corner) Place this color all over the eye lids. Its okay if some gets in the crease, we will be layering.


Now we will be going in with the orange color (top right side) and placing this color in the crease and lash line. Basically going around the yellow color.


Now its time for the purple color (same side as the orange, just at the bottom). This purple color is going to be placed like a number three on the eye. So starting from the inner corner go up in the the crease (at least half way)... than do the same for the bottom lash line.


The last step for they eye shadows is placing the Blues. You will need to mix both of the blue colors together than place them the same way on like you did the purple (just to the outer corner side). 
You will need to get a blending brush and blend the colors together.


Now that the eye shadows are on, i went in with Chella eyeliner pen in Indigo and drew a winged out line on my top lash line. Than i curled my lashes with e.l.f. eye lash curler and than applied Loreal Paris Voluminous original in Blackest black to my top and bottom lashes.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, If you have any question let me know in the comment section below. Also if you are a visual person i can film this look on my YouTube channel.

Other products on face:
e.l.f face primer
e.l.f concealer palette (under my eyes)
MAC's Studio Fix in NW48
Pixi beauty bronzer in Summtime (as a highliter)
Wet n Wild 831E Pearlecent Pink blush
Revlon Colorburst in 002 Sunset Peach

August 14, 2014

How To Survive High School

high school
High School was not the best four years of my life. I wasn't popular or had many friends, only acquaintances. I was more shy, extremely funny (if you got to know me) and very real. I had a strong outlook on life at a young age. I new from the very beginning that this was just school and these people would eventually grow up and see that the real world is nothing like this. I eventually did get through high school with a nice GPA, my Diploma and excepted into the art school of my dream.

That being said i wanted to discuss, "How to survive high school" by sharing with you all of my tips on surviving the next 4 years of your life. It will be ruff but at least you will be prepared. 
So take notes and lets get started.

1. Stay organized & Do your homework: High school is basically preparing you for the adult world. So staying organized is like keeping all of your adult paper work together and doing your homework is like going to work on time or paying your bills. I did a blog post a while back on, "How to get good grades". Check out that post for more great tips.
2. Make good first impressions: First impressions is everything. It lets people get an idea of who you are right of the bat. So be nice, kind and appropriate.
3. Join Clubs: Clubs are a great way to make new friends and have a voice for yourself. I was personally only really in one club and that was the bead club my freshman year.
4. Have fun: No matter what is going on or how much you hate being at school like myself, find ways to have fun. This is the only high school experience you will have, so enjoy it.
5. Dress Appropriately: You are not going to a night club or on a hot date, so don't think about dressing like it. Have respect for yourself and remember this is an impression of who you are.
6. Plan for college or after high school: People think planing for college or after high school starts Junior or senior year, but it doesn't. I suggest you start Freshman year, that way you will have more time to plan and look around.
7. Don't ever feel peer pressured: A lot of new things are going to come around in high school. Peers are going to be offering you drugs, alcohol and even sex. But you are your own person and what you say goes.
8. Hang out: This is a way to socialize. so one the weekends always have fun and plan something even funner to do on Spring Break.
9. Make new friends: Your friends that you had in middle school, might no really be your friend in high school. So i suggest you try to make new friends. Exceptionally ones in the same classes as you.
10. Stay Positive: These for years might feel like the hardest years of your life. But let me tell you, in reality they are really not. So keep fighting for that diploma and make your dreams come true.

August 12, 2014

Jewelry Collection & Storage

A lovely subscriber of mine, from my YouTube channel sent me a personal email asking if i could film a jewelry storage and collection video. I felt really bad at the time because i couldn't make that request come true, due to my jewelry still being packed up from moving.
But all has changed! I took some time and got everything organized and i couldn't be more proud. My jewelry means the world to me and every quirky piece can tell a story.
If you would like to know where any of the jewelry pieces are from, make sure to watch my YouTube video down below.

Ikea ALEX 9 drawer:
Makeup Collection 2014

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jcs2 jcs3 jcs1 jcs5

August 11, 2014

Back To Basic

Top: Target | Jeans: Forever21+ | Sandals: Torrid | Sunglasses: Garage sale find |

This outfit was inspired by my college days. When i basically through out all of my graphic tees from high school and switched to the basics. This transition made my life so easy, i was always matching and on time for class. The best part is you can really play up this outfit with cool accessories or funky makeup. Just always remember to have fun and let the true you shine through. :)
Need help finding were to shop for back to school clothes? Check out this post (here)
(PS: The kitten in these photos isn't mine)

backtobasics6 backtobasics3 backtobasics2 backtobasics1 backtobasics4 backtobasics7 
photos by Eric

August 7, 2014

July Favorites 2014

VS Moonlight Dreams
Makeup i'm wearing
Anarchy for her body spray
Feature Points

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August 5, 2014

Back To School: Clothes Shopping

Hey friends!
This is my first Back to School series post for this year and i am so excited. If you are new to my blog, i do a back to school series every year based on topic you send me.
Therefor this post is going to be all about Back to School clothes shopping. 
I do a lot of my clothes shopping online rather than going to the actual store. That's manly because of the size i need and allowing more time to look. But the most important thing to me is affordability! I don't have a lot of money to be blowing on $150 jeans that I'm not going to be loving in a months time. So here are some top stores i suggest you check out for you back to school clothes shopping.
  1. Has been my go to store since there plus size section made it really easy for me to shop. I love there jeans so much!
  2.  This is the plus size castle! Everything you need can be bought here
  3. I just found out about this site and it basically an online consignment store with really great priced clothing. You might even find your favorite designer.
  4. I like to but tops here more than anything else.
  5. Been to this store recently and the clothes have upgraded so much. There is even a Nicki Minaj collection.
  6. This is more of a urban trendy store. but your sure to find some thing you would love. Receive 20% off of your first purchase on Karmaloop, Brick Harbor, MissKL, and Kazbah and 10% off of every other purchase after that. Rep Code: fashionshychild
  7. This store is basically like Karmaloop, but i love shopping there sale section. There has been plenty of times that they even have a 50% off sale items.
  8. This is a store i just look around in and if something i like then i will get it.
  9. This store doesn't cater to plus size but i do sometimes go in to check out there sale section because i can fit some of there large shirts.
  10. This site has a great plus size section and a lot of variety. Its kind of like forever21 but to me its more dressy.