Back To School: Clothes Shopping

Hey friends!
This is my first Back to School series post for this year and i am so excited. If you are new to my blog, i do a back to school series every year based on topic you send me.
Therefor this post is going to be all about Back to School clothes shopping. 
I do a lot of my clothes shopping online rather than going to the actual store. That's manly because of the size i need and allowing more time to look. But the most important thing to me is affordability! I don't have a lot of money to be blowing on $150 jeans that I'm not going to be loving in a months time. So here are some top stores i suggest you check out for you back to school clothes shopping.
  1. Has been my go to store since there plus size section made it really easy for me to shop. I love there jeans so much!
  2.  This is the plus size castle! Everything you need can be bought here
  3. I just found out about this site and it basically an online consignment store with really great priced clothing. You might even find your favorite designer.
  4. I like to but tops here more than anything else.
  5. Been to this store recently and the clothes have upgraded so much. There is even a Nicki Minaj collection.
  6. This is more of a urban trendy store. but your sure to find some thing you would love. Receive 20% off of your first purchase on Karmaloop, Brick Harbor, MissKL, and Kazbah and 10% off of every other purchase after that. Rep Code: fashionshychild
  7. This store is basically like Karmaloop, but i love shopping there sale section. There has been plenty of times that they even have a 50% off sale items.
  8. This is a store i just look around in and if something i like then i will get it.
  9. This store doesn't cater to plus size but i do sometimes go in to check out there sale section because i can fit some of there large shirts.
  10. This site has a great plus size section and a lot of variety. Its kind of like forever21 but to me its more dressy.


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