DIY: Customized Skullcandy IPhone Case

One day browsing though a thrift store, that i have never been to before. I can across a section located all the way in the back of the store on the very bottom self. It was a cell phone case box, but not just any cell phone case, all IPhone cases. As i proceeded to look through the box, i can across a Skullcandy iPhone case. Since i am already a proud owner of one i just had to have this wood looking one too. So i purchased it! Once i was back home i decided to take it out of its taped up packing to see how it would look on my phone. But the worst thing happened, some of the tape, the packing was wrapped up in was on the actual wood part of the case. So i ripped it off and Ta-dah my beautiful Skullcandy case was ruined.
Therefor this is the time where the DIY customization part comes into play. I will be walking you through the steps of simple customization. Because know one want to walk around with an ugly phone case.

Things You will Need:
  • The ugly phone case
  • Scissors
  • pen or pencil
  • Shelf or Drawer lining Paper
  • Binder paper

1. Place the phone case down flat and add the binder paper (or any other see through paper) on top of the phone case. Taking your pen or pencil and trace around the part you would like to fix. (For me its the whole back of the case).

2. One you have it traced out, take your scissors and cut along the outline.

3. Now you will have a phone stencil. Take that stencil an place it on top of the Shelf or Drawer lining Paper. (Make sure to have the phone stencil placed on the part you like) Now cut around it!

4. Your Shelf or Drawer lining Paper should match up with your phone case. If it doesn't cut the access paper off before permanently sticking it to your case.

5. Once on your phone case it should look something like this. A beautiful unique Skullcandy phone case that know one else has.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY case and have you every had a time you had to DIY something due to a mess up? Let me know in the comments below. See you next post.

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