How To Survive High School

high school
High School was not the best four years of my life. I wasn't popular or had many friends, only acquaintances. I was more shy, extremely funny (if you got to know me) and very real. I had a strong outlook on life at a young age. I new from the very beginning that this was just school and these people would eventually grow up and see that the real world is nothing like this. I eventually did get through high school with a nice GPA, my Diploma and excepted into the art school of my dream.

That being said i wanted to discuss, "How to survive high school" by sharing with you all of my tips on surviving the next 4 years of your life. It will be ruff but at least you will be prepared. 
So take notes and lets get started.

1. Stay organized & Do your homework: High school is basically preparing you for the adult world. So staying organized is like keeping all of your adult paper work together and doing your homework is like going to work on time or paying your bills. I did a blog post a while back on, "How to get good grades". Check out that post for more great tips.
2. Make good first impressions: First impressions is everything. It lets people get an idea of who you are right of the bat. So be nice, kind and appropriate.
3. Join Clubs: Clubs are a great way to make new friends and have a voice for yourself. I was personally only really in one club and that was the bead club my freshman year.
4. Have fun: No matter what is going on or how much you hate being at school like myself, find ways to have fun. This is the only high school experience you will have, so enjoy it.
5. Dress Appropriately: You are not going to a night club or on a hot date, so don't think about dressing like it. Have respect for yourself and remember this is an impression of who you are.
6. Plan for college or after high school: People think planing for college or after high school starts Junior or senior year, but it doesn't. I suggest you start Freshman year, that way you will have more time to plan and look around.
7. Don't ever feel peer pressured: A lot of new things are going to come around in high school. Peers are going to be offering you drugs, alcohol and even sex. But you are your own person and what you say goes.
8. Hang out: This is a way to socialize. so one the weekends always have fun and plan something even funner to do on Spring Break.
9. Make new friends: Your friends that you had in middle school, might no really be your friend in high school. So i suggest you try to make new friends. Exceptionally ones in the same classes as you.
10. Stay Positive: These for years might feel like the hardest years of your life. But let me tell you, in reality they are really not. So keep fighting for that diploma and make your dreams come true.

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