My 10 Ways to Consuming More Water

I have never been a lover of drinking water. Thinking back, all I can remember was consuming juice. My sister even gave me a nick name for my juice obsession called, "Gulp Guzzler".
I remember as a kid I would always complain about the taste water; how tap water always taste like chlorine. Of course everyone thought I was crazy and just trying to get out of drinking it...But I really wasn't! I found out filtered water was more of my friend. So if I was to drink water it would be filtered bottle water.
But all of this water nonsense has changed, Kinda...LOL. I still drink juice of course but I have figured out 10 ways to consume more water. I decided to share them with you, due to the fact of knowing I'm not the only one not getting enough water.
So friends, here are my top 10 ways to consume more water:
  1. Add your own flavor: I like to add fruits like strawberry, cucumber and even lime to my water. The natural flavors extracted into the water can really make a difference.
  2. Have a favorite cup: I love tumbler cups and my favorite ones so far are the Starbucks branded ones. You can get them in two different sizes and there great to take on the go. (did you know if you take your Starbucks tumbler cup into Starbucks and older your favorite cold drink in the cup, you will get a small discount).
  3. Keep track of water intake: I personally keep track of my water intake by my cup size. So if I'm using my 16oz or my 24oz i just add it up. There is also great apps out there like Water Alert and Daily Water. So there is no excuse not to keep track.
  4. Only have water in your fridge: I know this might come off as crazy but it works. A lot of us only consume what we have in our fridge. So if there is only water to drink in it, that's what your going to drink.
  5. Think about the way you look: Water has a lot of heath benefits and my favorite is the way it makes your skin look more radiant and healthy. In my head i want to look young for as long as i can (i call it looking like a fetus), and i think its working.
  6. Eat water rich foods: Foods like watermelon, cucumbers and Strawberry's have a lot of water in them. So put some in your diet throughout the day.
  7. Add ice cubes: Just adding simple ice cubes can really make a huge difference. You could also make fruit field ice cubes to stick in your water.
  8. Keep a bottle with you at all times: When you leave out of your front door in the morning you never know what time your actually going to be back home. So always stick a bottle of water in your purse or bag.
  9. Drink through a straw: When i drink through a straw i find myself drinking even more water. Only because I'm drinking it so fast, that my brain didn't process it.
  10. Go to sleep with a glass on your night stand: I get thirsty in the middle of the night or my mouth gets dry. So not even hesitating, I'm reaching and drinking my water.

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  1. I love this section of your blog... and this is a fantastic way to drink more water. You have really inspired me... thank you so much Cortney :) xxxxxxxxx


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