My CD Collection {Pt 2}


{Rihanna - Music of the sun}
This was of course Rihanna's first cd and this is also when i started liking her as an artist. I cant pick a favorite song off of this album because they were all amazing and tell a wonderful story.

Joss Stone - Introducing Joss Stone
I can get lost in her music. I soul tone is really something special and the way she sings it will touch you.
1. Head turner
2. Tell Me 'bout it
3. Music
4. What were we thinking

Mariah Carey - Charmbraclet
This CD means the absolute wold to me. I would play this album on repeat every night, to the point my house got sick of it. I was also bless to have went to the concert. If there is any concert you should attend is a Mariah Carey one.
1.Through the rain
2. The one
3. You had your chance
4. Sunflowers for Alfred Roy

FeFe Dobson
I don't feel like Fefe got a lot of notice for her music. The only time i seen here was on MTV doing guess appearance stuff. Kinda sucks since you can get hooked to these songs.
1. Stupid little love song
2. Bye bye boyfriend
3. Kiss me fool
4. Jive it up

Natasha Bedingfeild - Unwriten
I love her British accent, it makes her music soulful and sweet
1. These words (i love you, i love you)
2. single
3. Silent movie
4. Wild horses 

Paul Walls - The peoples champ
If your more of a beat bass person this album is the shit.
1. They don't know
2. Smooth operator
3. Sittin' Sideways
4. Sip-n-Get high
City High
Tell this day this album has one of my favorite meaningful songs on it.
1. What would you do
2. Caramel
3. 15 will get you 20

Keyshia Cole -  The way it is
Nice to see someone from the bay area actually making it, especially from Oakland.
1. (i just want it) To be over
2. I changed my mine
3. I should have cheated
4. Superstar
Mariah Carey - Glitter
This album is from on of my top 5 favorite movies. I can sing to you all of the songs on this album like a crazy person.
1. If we
2. Didn't mean to turn you on
3. Don't stop (Funkin' for Jamaica)
4. Twister

3lw- A Girl can Mac
Just another girl power, inspirational empowerment CD... lol

 1. I do (wanna get close to you)
2. I need that (i want that)
3. Ghetto love & heartbreak
4. Put 'em up

Fabolous - Real Talk
Real talk is the best title for this album because that is all he does on here. Perfection!
1. Real talk
2. Girls
3. Beathe
4. In my hood

BlacK eyed peas - Monkey business
This cd has a variety of music styles on here, everyone is sure to find a song they like.
1. Don't phunk with my heart
2. Dont lie
3. My humps
4. Ba Bumb

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