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Since my blog started back in 2012 I have been getting help with my Outfit photos from my photographer/ boyfriend Eric. His name is the name you see at the end of my post. He has also been featured here at Fashion Shy Child in post like "Mens Fashion" & "Eric's 30th Birthday".
Therefor i am proud to announce the start of his own fashion blog called, " The Goddi Taetoe". He stated on his blog that its going to be an urban blog for the guys and something guys can relate too.
" I decided to start my own vision/version and make this urban fashion blog for us fellas. Something us dudes can relate to and have a conversation about. There will be fashion, my day to day life and inspiration. It will be venturing out as this blog grows.  "
 I cant wait to see what Eric has in store for the guys. But knowing him its going to be something to look forward too. So make sure to go and follow his blog (link here) and tell him FashionShyChild sent you :). See you next post my fellow shy children.

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