Top: Forever21+ | Cardigan: Forever21+ | Jeans: Forever21+ | Sandals: Torrid | Necklace & Earrings:

Do you ever have those days or times when you just dont want to be found/bothered? That was me on this three day weekend. I just wanted to lay low and get work done. I assumed it was going to be easy, because any other day know one needs me. But all of my planes were ruined fast, when I got Discovered.
Everything I'm wearing is basically from Forever21 and when i tell people that, they seem to not really understand. If you are one of those people, forever21 has a plus size line/section. If you shop online everything is at your fingertips. But if you are one who want to go into a store and shop, check on the website to see if there is a plus size section in your area.

cc1 cc7 cc8 cc5 cc3 cc6 cc2 photos by Eric

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