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A few weeks ago i was contacted by the lovely people over at fulcrumgallery.com to review an art piece of my choosing. At the time i have never heard of the company, so i of course looked into them before excepting the offer. 
Everything was fairly easy and the woman who contacted me and helped me out was more than wonderful. Looking through the site, contained every art piece you could ever imagine. So yes, i was kind of overwhelmed. You really have to have a sense of what kind of piece you are looking for. Myself, I am really into colored photography and I knew I wanted a piece that reminded me of my hometown.
Therefor in the search section i looked up Oakland,CA (the last placed i lived before moving to where i am now). Looked through some of the pieces, I came across the perfect one...An Oakland San Francisco Twilight.
So this is were my review begins! I will be covering these Points: Packaging, Product Review (with Pros & Cons), and My Final Thoughts. So lets get started. :) 

Packaging: My package came via UPS in a huge cardboard box. Once i opened the box, the art piece was very secured in a clear plastic bag that was tied down to another cardboard piece, that looked like it was made for art pieces. (Sorry that there isn't any pictures of this, I opened the box to fast with excitement). Therefore your art piece was made sure the arrive to you in tip top shape, rain or shine with no damages. It can take up to a week for the company to finish your piece, but shipping is still fast.

Product Review: I went with Greg Linhares Oakland SF Twilight on Canvas and its a 36 x 18 in its finished size. For myself and where i wanted to place this art piece, the size was perfect. I did have a tiny problem when taking the piece out of the clear plastic bag. I found that the boarder paint around the piece was kind of sticky or damp. I do live in an area where the temperature is 90 degrees and up, so that could have played a factor. But once I put the piece on the wall, in a few days it was okay.
Now lets talk about details! This piece looks so real its crazy. Its like I'm looking out of my bedroom window and seeing the beautiful city. Even the buildings color and lights are persisted. There is even different light effects the piece can project with it coloring. It's that amazing!

Pros: Great size, Lovely customer service, looks exactly like the picture online, fast shipping, sturdy, great prices
Cons: Border kind of sticky when taking it out of packaging

My Final Thoughts: I would do this again, no hesitation. Everyone that comes over loves the piece and its a great conversation starter. The prices on the site are fairly priced and they have also changed a little big since this order was placed. But Fulcrum Gallery has made it so much easier for you to choose your finishing. So if you want a black frame, silver frame, gold frame or even on a canvas like mine, just one click, add to cart... Its really that easy!

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