Destination Style

Desination style
Hey fellow shy children!
This post is going to be kind of different topic wise, than i usually cover. But i have been challenged! The lovely people over at has challenged me to style an ultra chic wedding dress and since i never refuse a challenge, i had to accept it.
I do have to state that i have never been married or engaged and i bow down to everyone who has went through the process of picking the perfect dress. So lets get started!
This Destination wedding takes place on the beautiful island of Bora Bora. I decided to go with Davids Bridal allover beaded lace gown with an empire waist. Manly because i wanted a dress with no sleeves or straps but still gave me a figure friendly shape. The all over beading was a plus because it gives the dress character and also helps with minimizing jewelry. I can also picture the bead work glistening when the sun hits it. (or maybe i have been watching to much Disney)
I do have to say that the destination i picked really did influenced my dress picking because of the wedding being on an island. But this dress can be really functional in other settings as well. So basically its just a really great style, all around. 
With this dress i did pair it with three other key parts. So the shoes are Menbur Bow Pumps that i could have went a little more simple with but my intake on it is after the exchange of vows, your going to need a nice pears of shoes when your dancing and socializing with family and friends. So that's killing two birds with one stone... winning! 
The next piece is the head piece and i deiced to go with a huge flower, instead of a Vail or crown. To me the flower works great with the setting and the elegance of the white dress. 
The last but not least part to this outfit is the accessory. I had to go with a bright statement necklace and the solarium bib necklace was perfect! Its earth toned and it fits the tone of a island setting.
I hope you all enjoyed this post and thank you for the challenge.

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