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Last Friday we decided to go to a few thrift stores, basically to get out the house and look around. I had no intentions of finding a desk at the thrift stores or even paying for one. But i ended up lucky this day! The very last thrift store we visited had a desk, setting outside with other furniture. When i went to go look at it, there was no price tag and it was the only piece of furniture that didn't have a tag on it. So when i asked the lady at the register what the price was, she had to find out too. I was even told that all furniture would be marked 50% off if i decided to buy. So basically i found a desk that was basically a still for $10.
So now that you know about my new desk, your probably wondering how i am going to decorate/organize it to suit my blogging need. Well i have you covered! Looking at the picture you can see that i kind of have a lot of the basics, since i have been blogging for almost 3 years now. But every blogger needs more and here are some of the things i would like to have for my new work space.

desk list
  1. Raspberry Many Thanks Note Cards
  2. Silk Sunflower Bush in Yellow Gold
  3. Wall Pops White Organization Set
  4. Mirrored Jewelry Tray
  5. Round Wire Mesh Wastebasket 
  6. Skullcandy knockout Headphones
  7. Bella Sugar Rush Candle
  8. Marilyn Monroe Color Lips Painting
  9. Pilot G-2 Retractable Gel-Ink Pens
I hope this desk wish list helped you out. But i know first hand seeing ideas in perspective is even better. That is where Pinterest comes into the picture. Anytime i need inspiration or a new idea on using something old Pinterest is my go to spot. If you check out my pen board you will see that i have quite a few different categories to choose from. But for this particular post you are going to need my Office ideas section. (I will have it down below) So make sure you follow me and leave me a message, so i can check out your office or desk pin board :)

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