Scarf Me Over

Growing up i wasn't a scarf person at all and i didn't live in a climate that i would actually need to wear one. But now that i am in my twenties, i have found a true love for scarves and i feel a lot of people can relate. I think the presentation of a scarf and the style aspect of a scarf realistically comes with age. Although i have found somewhat of a desire to wear scarfs, i am still picky on what type of scarf i decide wear. I still cant stand chunky scarf, i feel like they are chocking me and it just gets way too hot. But my perspective might change in 20 years time.
For this reason, i decided to put together a few scarves i have been loving online for fall. I would also like to know your feelings about scarves and what scarf down below is your favorite?

scarf me over

H M green scarve
$11 -

Evening shawl

Topshop scarve

Forever 21 scarve

Sweet Plumage Loop

photos of me by Eric

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