Airport Way

Jacket: Forever21+ | Top: Target | Jeans: Forever21+ | Boots: Target | Sunglasses: Target
Yesterday was such a spur of the moment type of day and for a person like myself, that's not normal. I love to plan and know whats going to happen before going to do it. So i guess you can say i like to be in control. These pictures were taken on a walk we did yeterday and when i see great artwork i have to have a picture with it.
I wore a lot piece you have already see before. But if i love something so much, i have to wear it over and over again. The jacket is a find i bought last year and you can see it again in this post. I wish they would come out with more utility types of jackets because i love the shape/cut.

apw1 apw2 apw3 apw4 apw9 apw5 apw6 apw8 apw10
photos by Eric

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