Are Designer Flats Worth The Money?


{Coach Dotty Patent Embellished Ballet Flats}

Over the past 10 years i have own/worn flats from low to high end and even had to let a lot of them go. But your probable wondering why am i even talking about flats in the first place. Well that's because out of all the pairs of flats i own these (in the picture above) have to be my favorite/most worn and i will tell you why. But first have you ever asked yourself, "Are designer flats worth the money?" I know i can confess i have and more than 75% of the time lower price wins.
So lets get into why the flats above are my favorite. Fist guess how long i have own these flats? I bet you didn't guess 5-6 years. But if you did, good for you because i know that question was had. These flats still look just as good as the day i got them, with just some miner wear and tear of course. They even feel the same way walking in them. which could be a shocker to anyone who owns flats.
So if you were to ask me today, "Are designer flats worth the money?" I would have to tell you, YES! Even though these flats are Coach and they ran retail price $145 plus tax. I would still consider purchasing them again. (I have actually looked on the site for some new ones)
Therefor the final point to this post is, don't necessarily think about price. Think about how long a piece is going to last you and still feel as good as the same day you bought it. Because in actuality buying everything low in your eyes will eventually cost you more money and that's basically throwing your money away. Think about it :)

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