Easy Front Bump Hairstyle

On days i like to call my lazy hair days, i go for a front bump and a ponytail. It give me the easy of not having to add heat to my hair and the time to get started on my day. Its also a great hair style to change up a normal ponytail or to look somewhat put together when you don't give a F***k.
So lets get started on this easy front bump!

hair bump1
Step 1: Us your rat tooth comb to make a bang part or if you have bangs tie them up.
Step 2: Comb out your the rest of your hair with a paddle brush.
Step 3: Comb out the ends if you have too.
Step 4: Now use your boar bristle brush to flatten out any hair kinks.
Step 5: Put your hair into a ponytail.
Step 6: Now take the front tie out.
Step 7: Comb through the hair with the rat tooth comb (use a real comb if its tangled)
Step 8: Use a texture spray, i like TIGI Catwalk Your Highness Root Boost Spray.
Step 9: Add some to the front part for lift and texture.
Step 10: Comb through the front and back comb the back part for more volume.
Step 11: Twist the hair.
Step 12: Get the bump to the desired level.
Step 13: Use hair pins or Goody Mini Claw Clips in your hair color and clip it.
Step 14: Your all done!

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