The Field

the field 3
Shirt: Thrifted | Under Top: Forever21+ | Jeans: Ross (Similar) | Shoes: Nike (Similar) | Sunglasses: Target | Earrings & Necklace: | Lipstick: MAC Rebel
My weekend was spent playing video games, to be completely honest with you. I am more of a Sims 3 computer game, but the Call of Duty games have more of an adrenaline thrill to me. 
The outfit i am wearing was inspired by that! Even though i am not the kind of person to sign up and go of to duty (lets be real! I'm unfit, clumsy and scared) i still have respect for the service men and woman and i love the bad ass style.
I put that the snap up shirt was thrifted because it kind of was. I took it from my boyfriend, its old and he never wears it. So what is someones trash is another persons treasure. I think it looks better on me anyways ;)

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photos by Eric

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