The Truth & Solution to Makeup

Looking though my E-Mails i was sent over this very intriguing article about creating your own makeup and the truth to why you should. At first i thought it was going to be an article on how to start your own makeup line from home kind of thing, but it was something way more eye opening. It explained to me the truth behind the U.S. chemical guidelines on makeup. Something that we all should really look into and educate ourselves about. Even though i already new the chemicals in makeup was not really good for me, someone else telling me really makes me rethink the whole thing.
The article on the bright side does give a starter solution on how you can change things up by making your own products. I personally like the blush how to and i cant wait to gives these DIY's a try. Make sure you check out the full article HERE and share it with your fellow makeup junkies.

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