E.L.F. Studio Blush Palette Review

blush1 blush2 blush3 blush4  {Light palette}
blush5 blush6
{Dark Palette}

When it comes to blushes, finding the perfect color and finish is super important to me. There has been plenty of times where i would get a blush (usually pink tone) and think OMG! this is going to be the perfect color! Then i get home and you cant even see it on my skin or it comes out super ashy. Then there is times i would get so many singles blushes to the point i run out of room to put them... That single product life!

With all that being said and you all reading my new world problems, i'm basically here to share with you my thought and feeling on a very under rated products and that would be the E.L.F. Studio Blush Palettes. 
I have been using these to palettes since they came out and i have been loving them. They do have some ups and downs but for the price, you really cant go wrong. In this review i will be covering these Points: Packaging, Product Review (with Pros & Cons) and My Final Thoughts. So lets get started. :)  

Packaging: These blushes come in a very light cardboard box cover, that has a true to color picture of the blushes on them. One you take the product out of the box the palette is very sleek and light weight but is a sturdy hard plastic.

Product Review: You can get these blush palettes in two tones, lights and darks and they are both the same price of $6USD each. They come with a full size mirror and four good size blushes, that are sure going to last you! Every blush is highly pigmented and only needs a little amount when applying. They do give you a nice variety of finishes with some being shimmery and some being Matte. But the finish doesn't bring down the quality of the product, which is a plus! You will notice that the blushes can be popped out to be mixed around or place into another of the same palette. Eventually im hoping they have a way so we can create our own palette. But if you owned E.L.F. blushes before from the studio line, you might come across some colors you already have and if you haven't this two palettes is really all you need.

Pros: quality, pigmented, finishes, price, mirror

Cons: hard to blend if a little to much is applied 

My Final Thoughts: If your starting out with makeup, need more blushes or building your makeup kit for clients, These are two perfect blush palettes that would work for any occasion and wont brake your bank. A big must Buy! #fashionshychildApproved

If you are interested you can purchases the palettes here :)

*I am not affiliated with the company or products shown in this post. Nor am i getting paid to make this post

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