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A while back i decided to add/start a health section on my blog, but i wanted to be mentally ready before making this permanent. My idea for this section is to basically becoming a healthier me by eating healthier, exercising more and learning/teaching you healthier tips.While having you all as my support system and maybe even health buddies. But before we get started on this healthier life style, i would like to cover where my struggle began.

So as a kid, i was what you would call normal. I played outside and rode my bike, average 90's kid stuff. My mom would even make dinner for us every single night, so i don't even remember eating out unless it was something special. So if i was to pen point where my weight struggle started, i would have to say around the 4th grade. I have always been a tall person starting from Pre school to the 8th grade. I was either the tallest kid in the school or the tallest girl. You might be thinking i'm so lucky but with growth comes some problems. I started eating more and not just because i was bored, i was truly hungry and along with this came me getting taller. I was 5'5 in the 4th grade and than 5'6 in the 5th. With this i discovered i had bad feet and the bone in my ankles are not fully connected because they are too short (my body grew faster than the bone could). So i had to wear a boot on one foot the whole 5th grade and i didn't get any real exercise, so i gain weight and down hill from there.

So i hope this intro helped you understand a little bit about me and why i want to start this. I know its not going to be easy, but me putting it out there, that i am doing this helps me out a lot. If you would like to join me or your are doing this already, please let me know i would love to follow your blog or social accounts :)

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