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Searching the Internet i stumbled across an art retailer page called Paragon Fine Art. This Art Gallery website was different than any other i have ever came across, just with the front page itself. There is Disney Fine Art displayed on the very front page! Seeing this i had to stay longer and see what other cool art pieces they had to offer. Because when does Disney art ever gets displayed on the front page of an art gallery!?

So i went over to the artist section and there was so much more fun and expressive Fine Art For Sale. Like Tom Everhart "love is a drug", Michael Provenza "Pineapple Hill" and Glen Tarnowski "Possibilities. But my favorite would have to be the Rob Kaz limited edition prints. Which it kind of hard to explain but i can see my personality and feelings in the frogs eyes. Trying to find my place in the world and see where i fit in.

I've also notice that every Fine Art Gallery section has a good size picture displaying its color, textures and quality. There is also a title for the piece of art, what finish it is on, size and in a lot of cases a little description explaining the pieces meaning. I also had no trouble navigating my way around, since everything was labeled clearly and bright. Its a website worth checking out and I'm positive you would find something your interested in or captures your heart.
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