Selfie Child

selfie 8\

With everything on my 16GB phone, photos seem to be the number one thing taking up all of my memory. But its not just any photos like landscapes and a nice pet dog, its freakin #Selfies. Yes, the selfie is taking up 5GB of storage, with probable sets of 20 or more per setting. 
So instead of going though and deleting them all so quickly, i decided to share my recent set with you all. Showing you the good, the bad and the just plain out WOW!
Some of you right now are probable thinking why would you even do this! But I'm a very transparent person with you all. That being said here is behind the scenes of  FashionShyChild #selfie taking...enjoy! :)

  selfie 4 selfie 5 selfie 6 selfie 7 selfie 8 selfie 9 selfie 10 selfie 11 selfie 12 selfie 13 selfie 14

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