20 Random Things About Me


1. When a song gets stuck in my head i randomly sing it and even come up with alternative versions for it.
2. Making Spotify my favorite music app
3. Is the age of FashionShyChild this year
4. A lot of people mistake me for being a teenager
5. If i could go back and do over one grade level it would have to be Pre-K, best time of my life!
6. I'm such of a procrastinator 
7. I'm also not really organized, so everything i own has to have a specific home or it will get lost.
8. I'm obsessed with Disney
9. If i could be a princess i would have to be a mixture of Pocahontas, Jasmine & Tiana
10. I have had prescription eyeglasses since i was a kid
11. Even though i love to wear frames without lenses
12. is the number of piercings i have
13. I have oily skin when it comes to my face and dry skin when it comes to my body
14. If your into astrology I'm a Leo (July 24th) with a Pisces rising and a Virgo moon.
15. I enjoy being by myself
16. I'm a nail bitter when i get nervous
17. Iv started the low carb diet
18. Aloe vera juice with pulp is my new favorite
19. I crave salt more than sugar
20. Im plus size

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