Foxbrim Total Hair Repair Oil Review

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If you have been following my blog for a while now, you may know that i have been trying to find and test out products that will work for my dry damaged hair. It has been a long process, through trial and error but i have still not given up on finding products that work for me. Back in the beginning of December i was given the opportunity to try out a Total Hair Repair Oil from Foxbrim and ever since receiving it i have been testing it out every other week. Now that a month has past, i feel like i have enough information to tell you my final thoughts and feelings. Therefor in this review i will be covering these points: Packaging, Product Review with (Pros & Cons) and My Final Thoughts...So lets get started!
Packaging: This product comes in a glass bottle with a push pump...That i love! It also have a really cute and eye catching logo, the fox is too cute.
Product Review: The hair oil comes with a pump, so its really easy to get product into your hands when you need it. The way i like to us it is pumping 2-3 pumps into my hand and working it into my hair starting with my ends. If I'm going to wash my hair that night/day i will keep the product in my hair for 10 min and than wash it out using the shampoo and conditioner i am using at the moment. A couple of time i have put the same 2-3 pumps into my hair and let it set in there all day and washed it out the next day but while doing that i did notice my scalp would itch a lot and it would become very uncomfortable,,, even though my hair would look very healthy and stay straight. So if your are allergic or hand anything mess with your scalp before i would really suggest you read the ingredients. If you are wondering how this product smells, in my opinion it smells like a cooking oil or a virgin olive oil that goes away once in your hair. I suggest when your starting out with this product to only do one pump and than work your way up if you need any more. This hair repair oil is not tested on animals and it made right here in the U.S.A.
Pros- moisturizes, helps hair look Healthier, 
Cons- makes my scalp itch really bad
My Final Thoughts: If your willing to try this product out i highly suggest reading the ingredients first to see if your allergic to anything or know an ingredients that doesn't work for your scalp. Because the way my scalp felt/itched after just having this product in for not that long isn't cool. For a 10 min treatments its okay but i do have say... its not my favorite!
If you would like to purchase Foxbrim Total Hair Repair oil you can find it... Here

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