InstaNatural Dead Sea Mud Mask Review

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*This product was received for free for review purposes only!

If you have been reading my blog for a while now or have ever seen any of my YouTube video, you would have notice i really love face masks and i use them religiously. In my December favorites (shown here) I mentioned that the InstaNatural Dead Sea Mud Mask was one of my favorites of the month and there are great reasons why. 
In this review i will be covering these key topic: Product Review, Pros & Cons and My final thoughts. So lets get started!
Product Review: When receiving this product and opening up the tub you will notice that the mud mask is filled up, so there is no shortage of mask. This mask is also different in feeling and smell than any other mask i have ever used. It has the consistency of jello when shaking it in the tub but doesn't move and when you touch it, it feels like wet mud for the ocean. The smell is none existent, so if your sensitive to smell this factor would be in your favor.
When i apply this mask i make sure my face is freshly washed first, than i apply the mud mask. You will notice that this dead sea mud mask is kinda cold and goes on kinda sheer. But that being said a little bit of it goes a really long ways. I do keep my mask on for the 10-15 min. like it states on the packaging and ONLY us it one time a week. When its time to wash off the product you will need to use warm water and move in circular motions to get it off. if you kept the mask on longer than the 15 min. you might have a little bit more of a hard time removing it, but once you do make sure to moisturize your face after because this product does tend to dry out your face. Other than that your face will look more healthy and smooth. There is also a bonus to this product and that is you can use it on your body. I personally like to use it on my legs a day after shaving because it makes it more smooth.

Pros- light feeling, no smell, leaves glowing healthier skin

Cons- can only use once a week, 

My Final Thoughts: I love this product and its true love! Out of all the mask that i use/own this is the only mask i have been reaching for and actually using. Therefore this product is FashionShyChild approved! 

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