Microbeads & The Environment

Looking though my E-mails i was sent an article about microbeads entitled, "Moving Away from Microbeads". I was intrigued to read it because i didn't understand what the big deal was. I have hard of microbeads before, usually in my face washes or toothpaste but i never thought they did any harm but pop and disappear. But this article brought a whole new light to the world of microbeads and how they are really harmful to the environment and to you!
Did you know that these little beads were made out of plastic? Or when washing your face to hard can lead to you tearing it and causing an infection? How about when your done washing your face and these little things go down the drain! They don't pop and disappear like i thought. They actually go into the ocean victimizing fish and other water animals that might mistake them for food.
But don't feel to bad, i am a sucker of buying microbead products too! The best part is now we all know the truth and the real harm, to lead us to making a switch and maybe even tring something natural.

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