My Namefully Acrylic Monogram Necklace Review

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At the very end of December i was granted the opportunity to test out a monogram necklace. I have never own one of these before and i always wanted to get one,but i never new if i could fully trust any site online. That's why when getting this opportunity i didn't just want to know if the product was good quality, i wanted to know if my readers would be safe shopping/ordering from the site. 
That being said this review will cover these key topics: Packaging, Product Review with Pros & Cons, and My Final Thoughts...So lets get started!

Packaging: I received my item in a mailer (I'm pretty sure it was cushioned) and inside that mailer was a small mesh jewelry bags. So everything was packaged nicely and the necklace was neat on a thin cardboard card. I do have to say there was Israel mailing stickers on the packaging. I'm guessing it was from there in some way.

Product Review: The acrylic monogram circle cut out part on mine says, "CVP" and those are my initials. I have notice in the past that the letters C and P can sometime look like G and R and that is not the case at all here. The lettering in nice,crisp and legible without looking like what it shouldn't be. The color i wanted for mine was black and that is what i got, just a true black. When it comes to the chain affordable or not i usually always have a problem with the latch. But with this one its so different, i can fast and easily put the necklace on by myself and take it off without doing all of the moving of the chain or having to try some many times. I also cant complain about storage and keeping the product nice because the product came with a nice mesh jewelry bag. But if i do get lazy and not put it back, i have never had a problem with color changing of the chain/necklace getting tangled. So that is a huge plus for everyone! Last but not least is shipping and with this they did ship via USPS and i don't mind that but do expect your purchase to take about 2 weeks to get to you. I don't know if that is because of the holidays (Christmas and New Years) in the way or if this is just the normal time, So please take that into consideration when placing an order.

Pros- great quality, nicely packaging, legible lettering, easy to put on chain, great pricing

Cons- slow shipping (if it is coming from Israel at some point then i understand)

My Final Thoughts: They're so many positives i can see/state that i say go a head and make a purchase. If your making a gift purchase do plan out the 2 weeks it may take to get to you to be on the safe side and you will be fine. I have been wearing this necklace everyday since receiving it and have not had a problem yet... So i would say it is FashionShyChild approved!
*Here is the link to purchage the Acrylic Monogram Necklace

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