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Back in the beginning of December i was sent these vitamins for review. It was completely the perfect timing to have even gotten a chance to review something like this. Since at the time i was going through hair fall out caused by stress. I haven't mentioned/talked about it on this page or even on social media, because it something know one ever wants to talk about or even think about for that matter. 

When i received these pills i was super excited to test out something that might actually work. The only think is, these are in a capsule form and i am horrible at swallowing pills like these. So the way i take them is, after dinner i will take two pills out of the bottle, put some water in a glass and then open both capsules and pour the powder into the water and then drink that. For some people this might be too extreme but for a person like me who cant swallow pills like this, it really works and i still get the medicine.

Lets move onto what i have notice when the Zinwise Lab hair growth. The first thing right off the bat is that you will not notice hair growth super fast. I did see hair growth two weeks after in the spots that had hair fall out and that's exciting. It grew back thicker to the point now (at the end off the bottle) you can't see the two spots anymore. But if you are a person who wants to see results fast, my finger nails have grown and i think that is the fastest results you will ever see.

So, what's in the product!? Zenwise lab hair growth vitamins do contain 27 ingredients with the main one being 500mcg Biotin. I always stress out in review to always read the ingredients before taking anything because we all have our own different reactions/allergies. But besides that i highly recommend giving this product a try, it is only a 30 day supply so you really cant go wrong. If you would like to purchase these hair growth vitamins here is a link to there amazon shop.{Zenwise Labs} Also if you have any other questions about the product make sure to leave them in the comment section below and i will answer them to the best of my ability.

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