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February 27, 2015

DIY Your Wedding Flowers with Bloominous

Hey, Brides and Grooms to be!

We all know planning a wedding is one of the most hardest and yet memorable moment you will every have. You want everything to go smoothly, within budget and still look spectacular as you envisioned. But living in a real world and dealing with a lot of different companys at once, something is bound to get off track... can we say major freak out!
But don't worry, with all this hecticness and emotions there is one thing that will always be on time and that is your flowers sent to you by Bloominous. is your one stop shop for your DIY Wedding Flower needs. They take the stress out of flower shopping, to give you ease while standing behind there 100% Fresh Quality Guarantee policy. Everything is sent to you pre-prepared and ready to go. That means your flower will be trimmed, de-thorned and even hydrated with nutrients to keep them looking fresh and beautiful.

If DIY is not your thing or you have never done any type of flower arrangements before, your package will also include step-by-step photo instructions to guide you though the whole process. But if you want something more visual than that you can always check out Bloominous Youtube channel.

Here are two videos that are sure to help you in your Bloominous DIY journey.

I hope these two videos helped and inspired you to make your DIY wedding flowers with Bloominous easier. 
Because this is your wedding day and when its all said and done, memories and photos are going to be the biggest part of it all. 
So make memories you can be proud of with Bloominous DIY Arrangements.
PS: Your going to be so proud to say you made it

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February 24, 2015

Intro To: How I Organize and Decorate My Planner

planner intro0

Hey Friends! There is going to be a new mini series on here called Planning with Cort. Its going to be all about my Bloom planner and how i organize  and decorate it.  That being said, make sure to watch this video all the way through to get the inside scoop... Enjoy!

intro planner 1
Bloom 2015 Daily Planner {HERE}
Magazines- Any old ones laying around the house

intro planner 2
DIY Decorative Adhesive (Tape set of 10) {HERE}
Rilakkuma Sticky Notes (pack of 2) {HERE}
Post-It Note 2by2 Cube (a look a like) {HERE}

intro planner 3 
Post-it Tabs Durable File Tabs {HERE}
Paper Mate Flair Porous Point Pens {HERE}
Ruled Index Cards {HERE}

Pencil, Eraser & Scissors...

intro planner 4
Pink Paper Clips (similar) {HERE}

Crayola 12 Colored Pencils {HERE}

5 Free Health and Fitness Apps You Need

5 fitness apps you need
On this journey to better overall health, i do have to say i have had my ups and downs. Mainly feeling defeated by my negative thoughts and using them as excuses to not get things done. Some of you might say, "Well your human and we all go though this at point in our lives". I feel like that's another excuse to help the first excuse and to be completely honest, we need to stop making up excuses for our priorities.

Two weeks ago i shared with you my Work Out Playlist. Have you followed it on Spotify? If so, good for you and i hope its helping in your everyday workout. 

Today i am going to share with you 5 Free Health and Fitness Apps you are going to need. From this point on, there is no excuse to not eating right, exercise and know whats good for you. 
I will be telling you the names of the apps, what they are about, how i use them and the app stores they are on. 
So lets get started with the 5 Free Health and Fitness apps you are going to need to make your healthy living life simple.

1. Lose it!
 About: Lose it! is an app that lets you set your weight loss goal buy making out a calorie budget. All you need to do is fill out the basic information about yourself, add everything you eat and report your exercise.

How i us it: I have been using this app for a little over 4 years now. This is the app that i give credit to helping me on my first weight loss journey and loosing 63 pounds. Its a really easy app to use if you log in all of your information everyday. So basically think of it as a health journal.

Works with: ITunes, Google play

2. Daily Workouts
About: This is the easiest app ever and you have no excuses not to us it and work out. You start by selecting what part of the body you want to work on. (since this is the free version you can only do full body workout) Then you pick how long you want to work out for 10 min., 20 min. or 30 min. That's it! A lady will be working out with you showing you how to do all the workouts and there is even a little written description too.

How i us it: I use this app 4-5 times a week and up to 2 times a day. If I'm only going to do one workout that day i do the 20 min. If i do 2 workouts a day i will do one 10 min in the morning and at night. 

Works with: ITunes, Google Play

3. Moves
About: Moves is an app that tracks your movements any wear you are and what every you are doing. all you have to do is let the app track your location and keep your phone with you at all times.

How i use it: I let the app track my location and i also keep my phone in my pocket at all times. Its an app you don't at all have to think about, just make sure its with you.

Works with: ITunes, Google Play

4. Nike+ Training Club
About: Its a personal training app that keeps track of your progress. You can pick workouts to do or set up a program. You can also add friends for motivation.

How I Use It: I'm using the program Get Lean for Beginners. So i get 3 workouts 3 days a week. They run for 30 min, 45 min. and a 15 min. You can also customize the workout within your plan.

Works With: ITunes, Google Play

5. Fooducate
About: Fooducate is just like the name says its a food education app. You scan the food you want to buy and it grades that food for you based on its nutritional value. You can also ask questions, leave comments and learn about different foods.

How I Use It: I love this app for grocery shopping especially when wanting to buy juice and snacks. So i use it like a game, whatever drink grade is best i will get and same for snacks. It will amaze you when you think something is healthy, then you scan it and its graded so badly.

Works With: ITunes, Google Play

*1-5 app images are not mine, They came from Google.

February 23, 2015

Feeling Like Wendy

feeling like wendy 2
Jacket: New York Yoki Collection | Dress: |
Necklace: | Frames: Swan Lake Sunglasses | Earrings: Juicy Couture

An outfit that sums up my past week! 
I have been so disorganized this past week, it literally has me feeling like Wendy from "Peter Pan". I know i need to be an adult and put my big priories first before anything else. But sometimes i just don't feel like growing up... So i didn't! 

The outfit i am wearing is something different for me. From the past 3 years i think there was only 2 other times you have all seen me in a dress. Its really not my thing, but I'm kinda feeling the look and feel of it. What do you think about me wearing a dress?

feeling like wendy feeling like wendy 3 feeling like wendy 1 feeling like wendy 8 feeli like wendy 3 feeling like wendy 7 feeling like wendy9 feeling like wendy 4 feeling like wendy 6
photos by Eric

Quote Monday

Logic will get you from A to B. 
Imagination will take you everywhere.
-Albert Einstein

February 21, 2015

Ep. 1 Pt. 2 | Filming Videos, Package Opening & Gift from PJ

Hey Friends! So here is part 2 from Feb, 10,11,12,13 2015. Vlog Enjoy! :)  
If yoy have not seen pt. 1 click here

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Thanks for watching!

- Cort

February 20, 2015

InsideSmarts Premium Delicates Laundry Bag Set

laundry 1
For the past couple of weeks i have been testing out these InsideSmart Premium Delicates Laundry Bags, that were sent to me for review. Before receiving these Delicates #Laundry bags i never used anything like this in my whole entire life. For some people that might be a shocker, but when your under 25 and don't have anything you would consider a delicate its really not... So i thought!
That being said, in this review i will be covering these points: Packaging, Product Review with Pros & Cons and My Final Thoughts. So lets get started!

Packaging: The product comes folded really neatly in a light plastic slipcover. On the front you will notice bold legible key point and even a picture of what you are getting. 

Product Review: When opening the package i new exactly what i was getting because everything was stated right on the cover packaging. So i wasn't confused in why i only received one black bag. But if you are wondering why you only received one, from my test/review all you really need is one black bag. To justify this here is how i use my bags.

For the white large delicates laundry bag i like to put any lingerie i might need to wash in it. I found out that the larger bags work great in fitting that kind of stuff especially if you have baby doll dresses. It gives it more room to move around in the bag, leading it to wash better in the washer. After its done washing i like to hang dry these type of pieces and they look just like new.

For the black large delicates laundry bag i personally don't have anything of mine to put in their and that's why i said you really only need one of these bags and i am happy they only gave use one.
So since i don't have anything to put in it, i like to wash my boyfriends dark colored Levis jeans with this bag. It keeps the jeans looking crisp and also helps with ink bleeding. Because know one wants ink all over there other clothes.

For the two white medium bags, that i do have to say are my most favorite bags and i don't know why i wasn't introduced to these back when i started washing my own clothes. So since i have two of them, i use one for socks and the other for undergarments. This way they stay separated and its easy for them to wash well. So once they go in the washer and they finish washing i do put these bags in the dryer too. I am not sure if your suppose to, but since they didn't burn up i'm guessing its fine.

All of the bags have an easy to zip zipper and you cant even hear it in the washer or dryer. They also don't collect water in the washer and if you do dry, don't worry about the bag getting really hot because it doesn't (if you dry on low/med heat). One thing i wish InsideSmarts sold was a set of 4 medium bags but that's the only thing.

Pros- Nice Sizes, Clothes get Clean, Silent Zipper, Dryer Safe, One Black Bag, Great Quality
Cons-  None

My Final Thoughts: I think everyone should give these bags a try. It has changed my washing game for the better and as even cut putting things away in half. I also haven't had a lost sock since using these bags. So that is a huge plus for me!
If you would like to purchase this set of InsideSmarts Premium Delicates Laundry Bag, you can buy them here  

Check out this video for more information :)

1st Large Bag
laundry 2 laundry 3

2nd Large Bag
laundry 4 laundry 5

1st Medium bag
laundry 6 laundry 8

2nd Medium Bag
laundry 9 laundry 10

February 18, 2015

My FAVORITES Shop Introduction

At the end of every month i put up a video on my YouTube channel called, "Monthly Favorites". Its basically a show and tell of everything I LOVE for that month. But once the month is over i don't want you to forget about the star fashion and beauty products i use and love.
That being said i decided to add back another favorites section to FashionShyChild, displaying everything i love but also giving you the opportunity to shop my faves.
My favorites shop is powered through Amazon, so everything is safe and secure when its time for you to check out. Its basically you buying though amazon but supporting FashionShyChild at the same time.
So i hope you all enjoy and make sure to check back often as things will be added or changed.
PS: Make sure to follow my YouTube channel to never miss a video!

Your Friend, Cort :)


Ep. 1 | Filming Videos, Package Opening & Gift from PJ

Hey Friends! So here is my first Vlog from Feb. 10,11,12,13 2015. Enjoy! :) PS: There is a part 2 coming up soon :)

February 17, 2015

Top 10 Under 10: Beauty Edition

top 10 under 10

  1. E.L.F. Blush Palette Dark $6.00
  2. Loreal Paris Infallible 16hr Never-fail Eyeliner $6.99
  3. Freeman Beauty Avocado Oatmeal Facial Clay Mask $4.29
  4. E.L.F. Poreless Face Primer $6.00
  5. NYX Eye Shadow Base 03 $7.00
  6. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Berry Haute $6.11
  7. Hard Candy Top Ten Eye Shadow Smokey $6.00
  8. Wet & Wild Color Icon Lip Pencil 711 Chestnut $0.99
  9. Covergirl Full Lash Bloom Mascara Very Black $6.94
  10. Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder Translucent $6.71

February 16, 2015

Quote Monday

When power leads man toward arrogance, poetry reminds him of his limitations. When power narrows the area of man's concern, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of existence. When power corrupts, poetry cleanses.
 - John F. Kennedy

February 13, 2015

♥Valentine's Day Ombre Lip♥

Elf Lip Scrub
Eos Lip Balm in Melon Dew
NYX Lipliner Pencil 813 Plush Red
COVERGIRL Colorlicious Lipstick in 295 Succulent Cherry
COVERGIRL Colorlicious Lipstick in 335 Tantalize
Elf Small Smudge Brush
(Some Toilet Paper...LOL)


February 11, 2015

Alex and Ani

So i first started seeing the Alex & Ani bangles on YouTube, thanks to the beautiful ciaoobelllaxo who would feature them in her videos. I had absolutely no clue what the brand was and have never seen them in any department store in California, where i live. I also remembered Megan saying in one of her videos that she got hers from a boutique in the New Jersey area, so i thought it was just an East Coast thing... I was so wrong! 
Going to the Alex & Ani website, i did find a store search button and discovered they are sold at Nordstrom, Dillard's, Bloomingdale's and what ever mini Boutique you might have in your area. But if you don't mind shipping and not a person who cares about physically touching the product, you can definitely order online.
I did take the time to look around the website and found out they are way much more than just bangles. But since the bangles are the main attraction that got me to even care, i had to share with you all my favorite ones. 
So down below are the Alex & Ani bangles I really like and have a personal message i can relate too! PS: I love the gold colored ones :)

Alex & Ani Bangles

February 9, 2015

COVERGIRL Bloom "Valentines Day" Makeup Look

The products from the COVERGIRL Bloom Collection are actually pretty good. They all have their certain flaws to them, but over all there is something for everyone.

COVERGIRL Bloom Mascara
COVERGIRL Eye Shadow Quad in 715 Stunning Smokeyes
COVERGIRL Colorlicious Lipstick in 295 Succulent Cherry
COVERGIRL Colorlicious Lipstick in 335 Tantalize
COVERGIRL Bombshell Pow-Der Brow + Liner in Black, Dark Brown

Untitled Untitled