5 Free Health and Fitness Apps You Need

5 fitness apps you need
On this journey to better overall health, i do have to say i have had my ups and downs. Mainly feeling defeated by my negative thoughts and using them as excuses to not get things done. Some of you might say, "Well your human and we all go though this at point in our lives". I feel like that's another excuse to help the first excuse and to be completely honest, we need to stop making up excuses for our priorities.

Two weeks ago i shared with you my Work Out Playlist. Have you followed it on Spotify? If so, good for you and i hope its helping in your everyday workout. 

Today i am going to share with you 5 Free Health and Fitness Apps you are going to need. From this point on, there is no excuse to not eating right, exercise and know whats good for you. 
I will be telling you the names of the apps, what they are about, how i use them and the app stores they are on. 
So lets get started with the 5 Free Health and Fitness apps you are going to need to make your healthy living life simple.

1. Lose it!
 About: Lose it! is an app that lets you set your weight loss goal buy making out a calorie budget. All you need to do is fill out the basic information about yourself, add everything you eat and report your exercise.

How i us it: I have been using this app for a little over 4 years now. This is the app that i give credit to helping me on my first weight loss journey and loosing 63 pounds. Its a really easy app to use if you log in all of your information everyday. So basically think of it as a health journal.

Works with: ITunes, Google play

2. Daily Workouts
About: This is the easiest app ever and you have no excuses not to us it and work out. You start by selecting what part of the body you want to work on. (since this is the free version you can only do full body workout) Then you pick how long you want to work out for 10 min., 20 min. or 30 min. That's it! A lady will be working out with you showing you how to do all the workouts and there is even a little written description too.

How i us it: I use this app 4-5 times a week and up to 2 times a day. If I'm only going to do one workout that day i do the 20 min. If i do 2 workouts a day i will do one 10 min in the morning and at night. 

Works with: ITunes, Google Play

3. Moves
About: Moves is an app that tracks your movements any wear you are and what every you are doing. all you have to do is let the app track your location and keep your phone with you at all times.

How i use it: I let the app track my location and i also keep my phone in my pocket at all times. Its an app you don't at all have to think about, just make sure its with you.

Works with: ITunes, Google Play

4. Nike+ Training Club
About: Its a personal training app that keeps track of your progress. You can pick workouts to do or set up a program. You can also add friends for motivation.

How I Use It: I'm using the program Get Lean for Beginners. So i get 3 workouts 3 days a week. They run for 30 min, 45 min. and a 15 min. You can also customize the workout within your plan.

Works With: ITunes, Google Play

5. Fooducate
About: Fooducate is just like the name says its a food education app. You scan the food you want to buy and it grades that food for you based on its nutritional value. You can also ask questions, leave comments and learn about different foods.

How I Use It: I love this app for grocery shopping especially when wanting to buy juice and snacks. So i use it like a game, whatever drink grade is best i will get and same for snacks. It will amaze you when you think something is healthy, then you scan it and its graded so badly.

Works With: ITunes, Google Play

*1-5 app images are not mine, They came from Google.

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