Alex and Ani

So i first started seeing the Alex & Ani bangles on YouTube, thanks to the beautiful ciaoobelllaxo who would feature them in her videos. I had absolutely no clue what the brand was and have never seen them in any department store in California, where i live. I also remembered Megan saying in one of her videos that she got hers from a boutique in the New Jersey area, so i thought it was just an East Coast thing... I was so wrong! 
Going to the Alex & Ani website, i did find a store search button and discovered they are sold at Nordstrom, Dillard's, Bloomingdale's and what ever mini Boutique you might have in your area. But if you don't mind shipping and not a person who cares about physically touching the product, you can definitely order online.
I did take the time to look around the website and found out they are way much more than just bangles. But since the bangles are the main attraction that got me to even care, i had to share with you all my favorite ones. 
So down below are the Alex & Ani bangles I really like and have a personal message i can relate too! PS: I love the gold colored ones :)

Alex & Ani Bangles

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