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February 23, 2015

Feeling Like Wendy

feeling like wendy 2
Jacket: New York Yoki Collection | Dress: |
Necklace: | Frames: Swan Lake Sunglasses | Earrings: Juicy Couture

An outfit that sums up my past week! 
I have been so disorganized this past week, it literally has me feeling like Wendy from "Peter Pan". I know i need to be an adult and put my big priories first before anything else. But sometimes i just don't feel like growing up... So i didn't! 

The outfit i am wearing is something different for me. From the past 3 years i think there was only 2 other times you have all seen me in a dress. Its really not my thing, but I'm kinda feeling the look and feel of it. What do you think about me wearing a dress?

feeling like wendy feeling like wendy 3 feeling like wendy 1 feeling like wendy 8 feeli like wendy 3 feeling like wendy 7 feeling like wendy9 feeling like wendy 4 feeling like wendy 6
photos by Eric

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