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For the past couple of weeks i have been testing out these InsideSmart Premium Delicates Laundry Bags, that were sent to me for review. Before receiving these Delicates #Laundry bags i never used anything like this in my whole entire life. For some people that might be a shocker, but when your under 25 and don't have anything you would consider a delicate its really not... So i thought!
That being said, in this review i will be covering these points: Packaging, Product Review with Pros & Cons and My Final Thoughts. So lets get started!

Packaging: The product comes folded really neatly in a light plastic slipcover. On the front you will notice bold legible key point and even a picture of what you are getting. 

Product Review: When opening the package i new exactly what i was getting because everything was stated right on the cover packaging. So i wasn't confused in why i only received one black bag. But if you are wondering why you only received one, from my test/review all you really need is one black bag. To justify this here is how i use my bags.

For the white large delicates laundry bag i like to put any lingerie i might need to wash in it. I found out that the larger bags work great in fitting that kind of stuff especially if you have baby doll dresses. It gives it more room to move around in the bag, leading it to wash better in the washer. After its done washing i like to hang dry these type of pieces and they look just like new.

For the black large delicates laundry bag i personally don't have anything of mine to put in their and that's why i said you really only need one of these bags and i am happy they only gave use one.
So since i don't have anything to put in it, i like to wash my boyfriends dark colored Levis jeans with this bag. It keeps the jeans looking crisp and also helps with ink bleeding. Because know one wants ink all over there other clothes.

For the two white medium bags, that i do have to say are my most favorite bags and i don't know why i wasn't introduced to these back when i started washing my own clothes. So since i have two of them, i use one for socks and the other for undergarments. This way they stay separated and its easy for them to wash well. So once they go in the washer and they finish washing i do put these bags in the dryer too. I am not sure if your suppose to, but since they didn't burn up i'm guessing its fine.

All of the bags have an easy to zip zipper and you cant even hear it in the washer or dryer. They also don't collect water in the washer and if you do dry, don't worry about the bag getting really hot because it doesn't (if you dry on low/med heat). One thing i wish InsideSmarts sold was a set of 4 medium bags but that's the only thing.

Pros- Nice Sizes, Clothes get Clean, Silent Zipper, Dryer Safe, One Black Bag, Great Quality
Cons-  None

My Final Thoughts: I think everyone should give these bags a try. It has changed my washing game for the better and as even cut putting things away in half. I also haven't had a lost sock since using these bags. So that is a huge plus for me!
If you would like to purchase this set of InsideSmarts Premium Delicates Laundry Bag, you can buy them here  

Check out this video for more information :)

1st Large Bag
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2nd Large Bag
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1st Medium bag
laundry 6 laundry 8

2nd Medium Bag
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