Shopping Online Through Ebates

If your a person like me who spends a majority of there time on the computer, shopping online comes as a no brainer! Mostly everything i buy is from an online shopping and from a whole bunch of different online retailers. The only down side to this is, I'm spending, spending, spending and nothing is getting saved really with coupons. 
That is where comes into the picture! With Ebates i can go to there website, pick what store i want to shop at and than get a percentage back of what i spent. So basically i am kinda getting paid to shop in a way or getting a nice discount... any way you want to look at it, I'm getting some of my money back and that's better than nothing.
So if you would like to be a savvy smart shopper like myself, its extremely easy and will only take 15 seconds of your time. Go to, Pick a Gift card and sign up with your email...That's it! I told you it was extremely easy. So lets go shopping, an earn the cash back we so greatly deserve :)
PS: The gift card is earned after your first $25 purchase

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