FashionShyChild : March 2015

March 30, 2015

Get Your Beauty Weekend Vote In

Hey my fellow Shy Children!

If you came over to Fashion Shy Child this weekend and noticed there was no Beauty Weekend post up, i am completely sorry! I had know clue what you all want to see and i want to make Beauty Weekend more of an interacting thing.
So i decided to go back to taking votes. I did this in the past and it worked out great. 
All you have to do is pick one of the four available ideas and cast your vote. 
There is a deadline of Friday Morning 10 am PST. That is when the wining vote will be shared and you will get that post the very next day :)
So get to Voting!

PS: In the comment section or on Twitter leave any other Beauty Weekend ideas and you just might see it in a poll <3

Beauty Weekend 4/4/2015

Coachella Makeup look
Hair Tutorial
Makeup Look using Glitter
Poll Maker

Quote Monday

I love those who can smile in trouble, who can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. 'Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but they whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves their conduct, will pursue their principles unto death.
- Leonardo da Vinci

March 27, 2015

Top Three

{Mini Soldiers Table Decorations for PJ's 10th Birthday}

The week started out with PJ's 10th Birthday part. If you have know clue who PJ is, you can see him in my first Vlog. (hes my boyfriends nephew) I was in charge of decorating the cake and tables, witch we all know came out super fabulous. I still cant believe little P turn 10. It feels just like yesterday when i met him, 4 years ago at his young age of 6. Its amazing how time fly's!
Other than that my week has been pretty normal. My boyfriend has jumped on the healthy living bandwagon, so we have been exercising and eating super healthy together. 
Other than that i hope you all have a wonderful weekend and remember to check back her for Beauty Weekend tomorrow.

{Celestial Seasonings Fruit Tea Sampler with a free Lip Balm}

{Fish & Veggie Dinner}


Hey Fellow Shy Children!
The spring time is now upon us and even though the weather can still be a little bipolar, i put together three outfit inspirations to help you have the best prepared spring time ever. Enjoy!
PS: In the comment section let me know what outfit idea is your favorite.

Dress: Tropical Print Halter Romper 
Sunglasses: Matte Aviator
headband: Slim Faux Suede Band
Purse: Quilted Faux Leather Crossbody
Shoes: Ankle Strap Wedge Sandals

Top: Striped Tiered Top
Jacket: Mineral Wash Denim
Jeans: Distressed Skinny
Necklace: Etched Bib
Shoes: Gemstone Gladiator Sandals

Dress: Checked Fit & Flare
Jacket: Lace Print
Shoes: Spiked Bow Heels
Belt: Faux Leather Studs Stretch
Purse: Faux Leather Satchel

March 25, 2015

Dollar Tree Revisited

dollar tree finds
I haven't been to the Dollar Tree in years and have forgot about the store, i once loved. But this past week has changed all of that for me. I was invited to attend a mini birthday shopping trip that i was helping put together. That involved going to many party supple stores and the Dollar Tree being one of them. 
When inside i off course had to get basic party stuff like ribbon, toys, table clothes and cake plates but once finished i got a change to look around for myself.

When I'm looking for myself i like to check out the makeup section first. This section can be a huge hit or miss and unfortunately this time it was a huge miss. I didn't find anything that interested me or that would be great to do a review on for the blog. 
Next i went to the toothbrushes because i needed a new one and its in he same section as the makeup, so yeah i got a double pack of that...Boring! 

Something told me to check out the body wash section, so i did! Usually in this section they has 15 oz body/bath washes i like to get because they last long and after a workout i like to use something on the cheaper side instead of using my Bath & Body Works ones. But the section looked way different than it usually does and for the better...On to my finds!

The first thing that caught my eye was a body wash and it was the last one of its scent. It looked just like my Bath & Body Works shower gels just with a different name and top. I had to open it up and smell it and since it smelt good, in the basket it went. But while starting to look up i seen something that looked to familiar to me, it was a body spray that said Cherry Blossom and Jasmine. I got so super excited and almost screamed! If you know anything about Victoria's Secret body spray Love Spell you know that those two scents are the main ones in it, just missing the Peach. The smell test determined if it was going to be a true dupe...It was! Just minus the strong alcohol after smell. I checked out when to some more stores an felt satisfied.

So basically the moral to this mini story is, don't forget the stores you once loved. No matter how far away they are, always keep them in mind because once you return back you don't know what great products you will find/come across.

March 23, 2015

Afternoon Movies

afternoon movies 1
With all the fast viewing sites/apps like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube we tend to put all of the DVDS, Blue-ray and VHS that we own on a back burner. Forgetting all of the classic movies we grew up on for new age stuff and never really enjoying anything at all.
Every week, usually on a weekend like Sunday i forget about fast viewings programs and dedicate the day to relaxing and watching DVDs on my computer. I like to call it, A Afternoon with Movies! I don't get dress, do my hair or even put on makeup... basically straight bumming it and loving every moment.
I would like to know what days do you have your afternoon of movies and what classics do you like to watch?

Top: William Rast for Target | Pants: Victoria's Secret Pink 

Valentino The Last Emperor
Disney Alice in Wonderland

Jolly Time 100 Calorie Healthy Pop Kettle Corn

afternoon movies 4 afternoon movies 2 afternoon movies 7 afternoon movies 5 afternoon movies 6 afternoon movies 3 afternoon movies 8

Quote Monday

Work hard for what you want because it won't come to you without a fight. You have to be strong and courageous and know that you can do anything you put your mind to. If somebody puts you down or criticizes you, just keep on believing in yourself and turn it into something positive.
-Leah LaBelle

March 21, 2015

Beauty Weekend: Nail Polish Collection

np 1
Happy Beauty Weekend!

It is official and i am so happy to share with you all, that i am bringing back Beauty Weekend for good. I have missed it so much and i know many of you have too.

This first come back Beauty Weekend post is all about my Nail Polish Collection. I haven't updated this post since 2012, so it's really past due. 
You will see in this 2015 version, my Nail Polish Collection has kinda shrunk a bit. But it is always better to be out with the old and in with the new. That being said, if you have a nail Polish color that you highly recommend please let me know in the comment section below.

{Left - Right}
  • O • P • I Uh-oh Roll Down the Window
  • O • P • I No Room for the Blues
  • O • P • I Not Like the Movies
  • O • P • I Royal Rajah Ruby
np 3
{Left - Right}
  • Nicole by O • P • I Diva Into the Pool
  • Nicole by O • P • I One Less Lonely Glitter
  • Nicole by O • P • I Still Into Pink
  • Nicole by O • P • I Nicole's Nickel
{Left - Right}
  • China Glaze 2030
  • China Glaze Free Love
  • China Glaze Designer Satin
  • China Glaze Shower Together
  • China Glaze Platinum Gold
np 4
{Left - Right}
  • Essie Muchi, Muchi
  • Essie Turquoise & Caicos
  • Essie Splash of Grenadine
np 5
{Left - Right}
  • Zoya Dot
  • Zoya Neve
  • Zoya Gie Gie
np 6
{Left - Right}
  • Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Black Platinum
  • Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Right Said Red
  • Sally Hansen Triple Shine Kelp Out
np 7
{Left - Right}
  • Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Cotton Candies
  • Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Pink Sparkle
np 7
{Left - Right}
  • E.L.F. Midnight Mystery
  • E.L.F. Metal Madness
  • E.L.F. Purple Dreams 
  • E.L.F. Dark Navy

np 8
{Left - Right}
  • Nailtini Champagne
  • Nailtini Mai Tai
np 9
{Left - Right}
  • Sinful Colors Snow Me White
  • Love & Beauty Red blue Multi
  • Milani 3D Holographic Digital
  • Confetti Tazmanian Devil
  • Color Club Warhol
  • Nicka K NY139
np 10
{Left - Right}
  • O • P • I Natural Nail Base Coat
  • N.Y.C. Long Wear Nail Enamel Clear

March 20, 2015

Top Three

top 1
{Our Almond Blossom Tree}

This week has been pure depression! 
I got sick on Friday last week and didn't get over it tell Wednesday and during that whole time of being sick, i could only think of how much of a failure i am. Post and videos that were planned didn't go up, i wasn't even on the computer or even awake to talk on social media...I basically felt like i let you all down and myself too. But the last thoughts that really bugged me was how i thought back to when i first started my blog and how creative and care free i was. 
That being said i decided to bring back Beauty Weekend! So starting this weekend, tomorrow you will get a fresh new beauty weekend post for yours truly... ME! If you have any request for Beauty Weekend post ideas please send them to me via the comments section or on social media.

PS: Happy First Day of SPRING

top 2
{Guayaki Yerba Mate Revel Berry & Chicken Caesar Salad}

top 3
{Neuro drinks: my new obsession}

Foxbrim Rosehip Seed Oil Review

foxbrim rosehip 1foxbrim rosehip 2

Hey fellow Shy Children!

This post is going to be a review for Foxbrim's 100% Pure Rosehip Seed Oil. If you feel like you have seen that name Foxbrim on Fashion Shy Child before, that is because you have. Back in January i reviewed Foxbrim's Total Hair Repair Oil, you can go over and read that review if your are interested but i can tell you now i didn't have much of a great experience with that product. 
That being said, i know you all read my reviews and take my judgement into high consideration and i didn't want one product i tested out from a company, be the final review of the company. So when asked to test out and do a review for Foxbrim Rosehip Seed Oil, i said yes!

So lets go over what this review is going to cover.
In this review i will be covering these aspects: Packaging, Product Review with Pros & Cons, My Final Thoughts...Lets get started!

Packaging: Came rapped up very nice and secure since the product is in a glass bottle. The label is eye catching and easy to read. It is a pump bottle so no mess and easy to use. 

Product Review: The cap that covers the pump is sealed to perfection because i had the hardest time take the plastic seal off (that's why its still on there in the pictures). But once you get thought that part and pump the product you will notice that the oil is an Amber kinda color and has a light fishy smell. Which is actually a great thing! That indicates that the rosehip seed oil is in its natural form and anything different wouldn't be 100% pure. So Thank You foxbrim, for telling/selling us the truth and not trying to get over on us. Once you have this oil in your hand (only one or two pumps at a time) apply it any where on the skin. I like to use this product as i would a body lotion, so everywhere. I do have sensitive, dry and eczema prone skin and this product hasn't gave me any trouble. All it has done is gave me, healthy looking hydrated skin that a lotion wouldn't be able to do. The oil does sink in really fast leaving the area hydrated and not oily. The Rosehip Seed Oil does come in 2 fl. with and expiration date attached to the bottom. That's a lot of product for on person using it sporadically, but in my case, have two people using it like its pure gold, makes it not a lot of product at all. So i do wish it came with a little more but the expiration date part is fab.

Pros- Pure Rosehip Seed Oil, natural smell, moisturizing, great for sensitive and oily skin, expiration date on bottle

Cons- wish it came with more product (personal con)

My Final Thoughts: I am overly happy i agreed to test this product out because its really an amazing product. My skin is looking more healthy, discoloration is evening out and i only have to apply it once a day and the ash stays gone. So if you ask if i recommend this product, i really do recommend it and it's in my February Favorites video on YouTube. 

If you would like to purchase Foxbrim Rosehip Seed Oil, its sold on Amazon.

*I received this product for FREE for testing & review purposes ONLY. All opinions are my own and Honesty is key!!! 

March 19, 2015

UU Hair Extensions Introduction

For over a year now, i have been wearing clip in hair extensions. 
You probably had no clue or even noticed because it looks so natural and real.
With that being said, your probable wondering where to buy, how much does it cost and are they even going to have the color i want? 

Well i am here today to share with you a company that has all of your hair extension needs covered! Along with that they have over 20 years experience in the hair extension industry making them truly knowledgeable. is our one stop shop! 
They sell only the best quality hair extensions for an affordable price, you surly wont be able to find anywhere else. Using only 100% Indian remy human hair, you can only expect the best lasting hair for your money. 

Scared they wont have the hair color you need? Well UU Hair Extensions has all of the most popular colors like jet black, medium brown & Ash blond to name a few along with some mixes of colors that can most definitely work with your hair color.

If this seems like something you are interested in excepts all major credit card and even PayPal. So please make sure to check them out and tell me what you think... You will think me later!

26 Inch Clip in Hair Extensions

28 Inch Clip in Hair Extensions


March 17, 2015

Day in the Life

Cortney Patterson
"Fashion Shy Child"

8:30 A.M.
The time i usually wake up and go to the bathroom. I always get back in bed after and check my phone for miss calls and Emails  because i always get a lot of emails at this time and it can be overwhelming. So i will just skim out the most important ones and reply back and then I'm on to checking Instagram & Twitter.

9:00 A.M.
Coffee Time! I have turn into a huge coffee drinker and can only really function in the morning with caffeine. If the coffee isn't already made, i will make it in the coffee maker and then poured it into my Reusable Starbucks Cup. 

Day in the life 2

9:15 A.M.
The time that determines my day! If i have a light, no need to go out and do much day i will dress for that and have no makeup on...basically chill. But today is not that day so i have to get dress, do my makeup and even take a shower if i feel like i need one. A basic everyday makeup post will be up soon if your interested. But this look is always a great one.

10:00 A.M.
This time has always been dedicated to taking my outfit pictures ever since i started blogging. It easy for me and my boyfriend photographer since its less traffic and the lighting is nice and bright. Other bloggers might disagree, saying the "Golden Hour" is the best... but a sister cant wait for that!

day in the life

10:15 A.M.
Picking what pictures i want to use can take a long time. I try to pick between 5 and 10 but when you have 40 pictures to choose from, the narrowing down process gets real. Once i do have the lucky few its time to edit them. PS: I don't fix my body or smooth anything i just adjust lighting and make the picture brighter if needed.

11:00 A.M.
I'm a late breakfast eater and have always been. For some reason eating to early in the morning makes me feel sick. I like to eat something that will let me stay full longer and this breakfast seems to work. But i cant have this everyday, so some mornings i will just have oatmeal and a meat of some sort. When I'm eating breakfast i am also watching YouTube videos at the same time or looking at other peoples blogs.


3:00 P.M.
This is my break time because i kid you not i have been on the Internet all day or doing something that has to do with blogging or YouTube. So i like to use this time to walk around the house and see what the others are up to and doing... sometimes including getting a snack and then going back to work.

6:30 or 7:00 P.M.
Dinner time! I'm not a set dinner time or meal time in general type of person. I believe in eating when you are hungry and not by what time it is. So basically dinner time can very but its within this time somewhat. PS: i eat a lot of home cooked food, not takeout.

8:30 P.M.
I work out 3 times a week at the least. This time its perfect! Since its after dinner and dinner time is the time i consumer the most food. So burning the unwanted calories helps me stay the same wait or loose if im lucky. I have already shared with you all what apps i like to use but if you haven't seen it HERE it is along with VIDEOS.

5 fitness apps you need
9:30 P.M.
I have had a tub for almost a year now and i still haven't had a chance to take a bath. So a shower is what i take at the end of the day. But if you do know of any good bath items like bath bombs or something a long those lines please let me know, because i would love to try them.

10:00 P.M.
After i do my whole shower thing (including washing my face and brushing my teeth), i take this time to watch TV or play video game. A lot of the times i do them at the same time since my Nintendo DS Light is a handheld device. Iv always been about that Sims life.

day in the life 3

12:00 A.M.
My bed time! I used to drink tea a lot before going to bed but lately i have been so into the Neuro drinks especially the one in Sleep. Drink that before bed and i promise you will have the best night of sleep ever...Sweet Dreams!

March 16, 2015

Quote Monday

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.
-Thomas A. Edison

March 11, 2015

Naturalico Speed Jump Rope Review

naturalico 1
A month ago now, i was set this Naturalico Speed Jump Rope to test out and review for you all. I thought it was a pretty good idea since some of you and myself are on a healthy life change together. But like every product tested out there is going to be some positive and negative reactions.
So today in this review we will be going over everything... including packaging, product review with pros and cons & ending with my final thoughts. So lets get started!
Everything came nicely packaged and organized. Inside the package came the actual jump rope, an instruction card and even a bag to carry the jump rope. So that was a bonus within its self.

Product Review:
Right when i received the jump rope i was super excited to get started using it. Like i said before, the jump rope comes with an instruction/about card making the setup less intimidating... so i thought! All the instructions on the card was super straight forward and nicely laid out, but setting up the jump rope was just not my thing. It took me many tries to get the right length for my height and i'm not even that short to begin with. I think because i am 5'9 1/2- 5'10 i have been so used to using jump ropes for average heights, that i was so used to jump roping with them. So that basically made the instructions unhelpful.

Once i did get the rope to work for my height there was another problem that came my way and it was the wind. This rope is super light weight (something i didn't even think was possible for a jump rope) but that also had a negative aspect because since the rope was to light, jumping outside made it a little impossible. The wind had complete control over it and every time i swung, it would just mess up or go another way. I then discovered using the jump rope inside was more effective and i could actually get more control over the rope. I still wish the rope was a little heavier in weight though.

The carrying case the jump rope came with is perfect! Its so small and light that you can take it anywhere and its not a hassle. You can put it in your gym bag and take it to the gym with you or even carry it in your purse to have with you at all times. I personally like to take it to the park (on a day that has no wind).

Pros- light weight, easy to travel with, adjustable screws to fit your height

Cons- not good in outdoors, not heavier enough, the screw setup

My Final Thoughts: I still have a love/dislike relationship with this jump rope. Some days i can be a jump roping champion and other days i'm pointing out everything that could be fixed. I wish they came with ropes pre-set to heights, so we could just pick our height range and be done.
So i would have to say, for the price its a good value if you need a jump robe but if your just going to use it every so often i would hold off.

If you would like o buy this Naturalico Speed Jump Rope you can purchase it HERE

naturalico 2 naturalico 3 naturalico 4 naturalico 5 naturalico 6