Afternoon Movies

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With all the fast viewing sites/apps like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube we tend to put all of the DVDS, Blue-ray and VHS that we own on a back burner. Forgetting all of the classic movies we grew up on for new age stuff and never really enjoying anything at all.
Every week, usually on a weekend like Sunday i forget about fast viewings programs and dedicate the day to relaxing and watching DVDs on my computer. I like to call it, A Afternoon with Movies! I don't get dress, do my hair or even put on makeup... basically straight bumming it and loving every moment.
I would like to know what days do you have your afternoon of movies and what classics do you like to watch?

Top: William Rast for Target | Pants: Victoria's Secret Pink 

Valentino The Last Emperor
Disney Alice in Wonderland

Jolly Time 100 Calorie Healthy Pop Kettle Corn

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