Day in the Life

Cortney Patterson
"Fashion Shy Child"

8:30 A.M.
The time i usually wake up and go to the bathroom. I always get back in bed after and check my phone for miss calls and Emails  because i always get a lot of emails at this time and it can be overwhelming. So i will just skim out the most important ones and reply back and then I'm on to checking Instagram & Twitter.

9:00 A.M.
Coffee Time! I have turn into a huge coffee drinker and can only really function in the morning with caffeine. If the coffee isn't already made, i will make it in the coffee maker and then poured it into my Reusable Starbucks Cup. 

Day in the life 2

9:15 A.M.
The time that determines my day! If i have a light, no need to go out and do much day i will dress for that and have no makeup on...basically chill. But today is not that day so i have to get dress, do my makeup and even take a shower if i feel like i need one. A basic everyday makeup post will be up soon if your interested. But this look is always a great one.

10:00 A.M.
This time has always been dedicated to taking my outfit pictures ever since i started blogging. It easy for me and my boyfriend photographer since its less traffic and the lighting is nice and bright. Other bloggers might disagree, saying the "Golden Hour" is the best... but a sister cant wait for that!

day in the life

10:15 A.M.
Picking what pictures i want to use can take a long time. I try to pick between 5 and 10 but when you have 40 pictures to choose from, the narrowing down process gets real. Once i do have the lucky few its time to edit them. PS: I don't fix my body or smooth anything i just adjust lighting and make the picture brighter if needed.

11:00 A.M.
I'm a late breakfast eater and have always been. For some reason eating to early in the morning makes me feel sick. I like to eat something that will let me stay full longer and this breakfast seems to work. But i cant have this everyday, so some mornings i will just have oatmeal and a meat of some sort. When I'm eating breakfast i am also watching YouTube videos at the same time or looking at other peoples blogs.


3:00 P.M.
This is my break time because i kid you not i have been on the Internet all day or doing something that has to do with blogging or YouTube. So i like to use this time to walk around the house and see what the others are up to and doing... sometimes including getting a snack and then going back to work.

6:30 or 7:00 P.M.
Dinner time! I'm not a set dinner time or meal time in general type of person. I believe in eating when you are hungry and not by what time it is. So basically dinner time can very but its within this time somewhat. PS: i eat a lot of home cooked food, not takeout.

8:30 P.M.
I work out 3 times a week at the least. This time its perfect! Since its after dinner and dinner time is the time i consumer the most food. So burning the unwanted calories helps me stay the same wait or loose if im lucky. I have already shared with you all what apps i like to use but if you haven't seen it HERE it is along with VIDEOS.

5 fitness apps you need
9:30 P.M.
I have had a tub for almost a year now and i still haven't had a chance to take a bath. So a shower is what i take at the end of the day. But if you do know of any good bath items like bath bombs or something a long those lines please let me know, because i would love to try them.

10:00 P.M.
After i do my whole shower thing (including washing my face and brushing my teeth), i take this time to watch TV or play video game. A lot of the times i do them at the same time since my Nintendo DS Light is a handheld device. Iv always been about that Sims life.

day in the life 3

12:00 A.M.
My bed time! I used to drink tea a lot before going to bed but lately i have been so into the Neuro drinks especially the one in Sleep. Drink that before bed and i promise you will have the best night of sleep ever...Sweet Dreams!

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