Dollar Tree Revisited

dollar tree finds
I haven't been to the Dollar Tree in years and have forgot about the store, i once loved. But this past week has changed all of that for me. I was invited to attend a mini birthday shopping trip that i was helping put together. That involved going to many party supple stores and the Dollar Tree being one of them. 
When inside i off course had to get basic party stuff like ribbon, toys, table clothes and cake plates but once finished i got a change to look around for myself.

When I'm looking for myself i like to check out the makeup section first. This section can be a huge hit or miss and unfortunately this time it was a huge miss. I didn't find anything that interested me or that would be great to do a review on for the blog. 
Next i went to the toothbrushes because i needed a new one and its in he same section as the makeup, so yeah i got a double pack of that...Boring! 

Something told me to check out the body wash section, so i did! Usually in this section they has 15 oz body/bath washes i like to get because they last long and after a workout i like to use something on the cheaper side instead of using my Bath & Body Works ones. But the section looked way different than it usually does and for the better...On to my finds!

The first thing that caught my eye was a body wash and it was the last one of its scent. It looked just like my Bath & Body Works shower gels just with a different name and top. I had to open it up and smell it and since it smelt good, in the basket it went. But while starting to look up i seen something that looked to familiar to me, it was a body spray that said Cherry Blossom and Jasmine. I got so super excited and almost screamed! If you know anything about Victoria's Secret body spray Love Spell you know that those two scents are the main ones in it, just missing the Peach. The smell test determined if it was going to be a true dupe...It was! Just minus the strong alcohol after smell. I checked out when to some more stores an felt satisfied.

So basically the moral to this mini story is, don't forget the stores you once loved. No matter how far away they are, always keep them in mind because once you return back you don't know what great products you will find/come across.

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