Foxbrim Rosehip Seed Oil Review

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Hey fellow Shy Children!

This post is going to be a review for Foxbrim's 100% Pure Rosehip Seed Oil. If you feel like you have seen that name Foxbrim on Fashion Shy Child before, that is because you have. Back in January i reviewed Foxbrim's Total Hair Repair Oil, you can go over and read that review if your are interested but i can tell you now i didn't have much of a great experience with that product. 
That being said, i know you all read my reviews and take my judgement into high consideration and i didn't want one product i tested out from a company, be the final review of the company. So when asked to test out and do a review for Foxbrim Rosehip Seed Oil, i said yes!

So lets go over what this review is going to cover.
In this review i will be covering these aspects: Packaging, Product Review with Pros & Cons, My Final Thoughts...Lets get started!

Packaging: Came rapped up very nice and secure since the product is in a glass bottle. The label is eye catching and easy to read. It is a pump bottle so no mess and easy to use. 

Product Review: The cap that covers the pump is sealed to perfection because i had the hardest time take the plastic seal off (that's why its still on there in the pictures). But once you get thought that part and pump the product you will notice that the oil is an Amber kinda color and has a light fishy smell. Which is actually a great thing! That indicates that the rosehip seed oil is in its natural form and anything different wouldn't be 100% pure. So Thank You foxbrim, for telling/selling us the truth and not trying to get over on us. Once you have this oil in your hand (only one or two pumps at a time) apply it any where on the skin. I like to use this product as i would a body lotion, so everywhere. I do have sensitive, dry and eczema prone skin and this product hasn't gave me any trouble. All it has done is gave me, healthy looking hydrated skin that a lotion wouldn't be able to do. The oil does sink in really fast leaving the area hydrated and not oily. The Rosehip Seed Oil does come in 2 fl. with and expiration date attached to the bottom. That's a lot of product for on person using it sporadically, but in my case, have two people using it like its pure gold, makes it not a lot of product at all. So i do wish it came with a little more but the expiration date part is fab.

Pros- Pure Rosehip Seed Oil, natural smell, moisturizing, great for sensitive and oily skin, expiration date on bottle

Cons- wish it came with more product (personal con)

My Final Thoughts: I am overly happy i agreed to test this product out because its really an amazing product. My skin is looking more healthy, discoloration is evening out and i only have to apply it once a day and the ash stays gone. So if you ask if i recommend this product, i really do recommend it and it's in my February Favorites video on YouTube. 

If you would like to purchase Foxbrim Rosehip Seed Oil, its sold on Amazon.

*I received this product for FREE for testing & review purposes ONLY. All opinions are my own and Honesty is key!!! 

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