Naturalico Speed Jump Rope Review

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A month ago now, i was set this Naturalico Speed Jump Rope to test out and review for you all. I thought it was a pretty good idea since some of you and myself are on a healthy life change together. But like every product tested out there is going to be some positive and negative reactions.
So today in this review we will be going over everything... including packaging, product review with pros and cons & ending with my final thoughts. So lets get started!
Everything came nicely packaged and organized. Inside the package came the actual jump rope, an instruction card and even a bag to carry the jump rope. So that was a bonus within its self.

Product Review:
Right when i received the jump rope i was super excited to get started using it. Like i said before, the jump rope comes with an instruction/about card making the setup less intimidating... so i thought! All the instructions on the card was super straight forward and nicely laid out, but setting up the jump rope was just not my thing. It took me many tries to get the right length for my height and i'm not even that short to begin with. I think because i am 5'9 1/2- 5'10 i have been so used to using jump ropes for average heights, that i was so used to jump roping with them. So that basically made the instructions unhelpful.

Once i did get the rope to work for my height there was another problem that came my way and it was the wind. This rope is super light weight (something i didn't even think was possible for a jump rope) but that also had a negative aspect because since the rope was to light, jumping outside made it a little impossible. The wind had complete control over it and every time i swung, it would just mess up or go another way. I then discovered using the jump rope inside was more effective and i could actually get more control over the rope. I still wish the rope was a little heavier in weight though.

The carrying case the jump rope came with is perfect! Its so small and light that you can take it anywhere and its not a hassle. You can put it in your gym bag and take it to the gym with you or even carry it in your purse to have with you at all times. I personally like to take it to the park (on a day that has no wind).

Pros- light weight, easy to travel with, adjustable screws to fit your height

Cons- not good in outdoors, not heavier enough, the screw setup

My Final Thoughts: I still have a love/dislike relationship with this jump rope. Some days i can be a jump roping champion and other days i'm pointing out everything that could be fixed. I wish they came with ropes pre-set to heights, so we could just pick our height range and be done.
So i would have to say, for the price its a good value if you need a jump robe but if your just going to use it every so often i would hold off.

If you would like o buy this Naturalico Speed Jump Rope you can purchase it HERE

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