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Back in the beginning of January (like literally the first week of January 2015) Quest Nutrition and i got in contact with each other via Twitter. Mainly because i stated on my twitter that i wanted to try something from the Quest Nutrition's line, what should i try and if it was any good. They saw the tweet and offered to send me two samples of their Protein Bars. I agreed, picked out the two kinds i wanted and they shipped them to me. 
If your wondering why it took me so long to share this with you all meaning my thoughts, review and this story... is because i received these two samples in the beginning of the year and having you all in mind (that are on this fitness journey with me) i didn't want to share and give props up to a product that would have you all thinking about the sweets you had during the holidays. So I'm going to say Your Welcome early because i know you all are thinking me...LOL.

Anyways so lets get into the review!
So inside my box came three different paper advertisements for Quest Nutrition products and i do have to say the Quest Protein Chips are really standing out to me; along with the Quest Protein Bars i picked out. Like i said before i did pick out two of what they call Sample Bars, I got one in White Chocolate Raspberry and the other in Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Right of the bat i noticed how much each protein each bar had in it and i was very surprised. The White Chocolate Raspberry has 20g of protein, while the Cookie Dough has 21g. I also seen that each bar said, "no added sugar" and that made my hopes for these bars sky rocket. Because if you didn't know a lot of the time in high protein bars or protein bars in general, they will have a protein count (high or low) but they will be packed with a lot of sugar, making them not good for you at all. So i am really happy that's not the case here. The Chocolate Raspberry has 5g net carbs and the Cookie Dough has 3g net carbs ...if you was wondering.

Lets now talk about the actual bars! So when you open them up they are going to smell so good and actually smell like their stated names. When you take them out of the packaging, they are visually appealing. When its time for you to try them, you are going to feel like you are cheating on your healthy life change because the flavor is on point... It taste like you are eating desert! That being said White Chocolate Raspberry taste just like the name, you are going to have those little natural raspberry seed thing in it, so just a little warning (it kind of bugged me) and the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough tasted like cookie dough mixed with whey protein powder. That goes for both of the bars, you will get a first and after or just and after taste of whey powder flavor. Its not a bad thing, its just there.

Last but not least i do have to say i enjoyed the White Chocolate Raspberry more. It was more taste appealing to me and i know that will not be the case for everyone. My boyfriend tried these bars along with me and he liked the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough more. So its all on personal taste preference! 
Quest Nutrient does cater to your preferences by selling a 12 Flavor Sampler Pack. So basically you get one of each of the most popular flavors to test out. That way you can pick the ones you love the most the next time around. I highly recommend you give them a try and if you have already tried something from this company, let me know what product is your favorite.
PS: I still have my eyes on the Protein Chips :)

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*product was sent to me for free as a sample Only! No review or mention was a part of it.

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