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Another phone selfie clean out day has arrived again. But instead of deleting all of the unwanted selfie sessions, i decided to let you all see one set yet again. 
I also answered the questions to "The Selfie TAG" and if you would like to do the tag too...I tag YOU!

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{The Selfie Tag}

1 What is your best physical feature?
It would have to be my eye shape and my nose. Also i always get asked if i had a nose job and the answer is, NO! This nose runs in my family :)

2 If you could visit anywhere in the world where would you go and why?
Tokyo, Dubai, South Africa and Jamaica.
Tokyo because i always wanted to go, they girls are super stylish and i love big city's and bright colors.
Dubai because from pictures i have seen every thing looks so beautiful, fancy and futuristic.
South Africa because i always wanted to go on an African Safari and Jamaica becaue of the good food, culture and beaches.

3 What do you need to feel better when you are sick?
Quiet! I don't like to feel sick or be sick and have a lot of noise going on at the same time. So basically i just lay in bed with the TV off.

4 What one piece of advice would you give to the youth of America and why?
Don't believe everything you hear and see. I feel like the Youth of America has become very naive with what they see in hip hop videos and on social media. I get very scared for the future of America because of it.

5 What animal do you think you were on your passed life?
I think i was a butterfly! 

6 If you could travel back in time what would you change?
I personally wouldn't change anything. Not meaning my life was all rainbows and butterflies but i believe everything happened for a reason and made me the person i am today. But if i could go back i would like to enjoy the happy times instead of taking them for granted.

7 What do you do for fun on weekends?
I don't do anything exciting anymore and i know that sounds sad. I need to plan things better and see what this town has to offer. So basically i just blog, play video games and chill.

8 What's your biggest workplace pet peeve?
Gossipers! Like you really came to work to take about other people!? That has to be the number one thing i don't miss about working.

9 I wouldn't be caught dead without ____.
My eye glasses! On here you rarely even see my eye glasses any more because i need new one and i am over the ones i have. But out in public you will never catch me without them.

10 If you could have one superpower what would it be?
Its kind of a tossup between teleporting and turning Invisible

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