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{Our Almond Blossom Tree}

This week has been pure depression! 
I got sick on Friday last week and didn't get over it tell Wednesday and during that whole time of being sick, i could only think of how much of a failure i am. Post and videos that were planned didn't go up, i wasn't even on the computer or even awake to talk on social media...I basically felt like i let you all down and myself too. But the last thoughts that really bugged me was how i thought back to when i first started my blog and how creative and care free i was. 
That being said i decided to bring back Beauty Weekend! So starting this weekend, tomorrow you will get a fresh new beauty weekend post for yours truly... ME! If you have any request for Beauty Weekend post ideas please send them to me via the comments section or on social media.

PS: Happy First Day of SPRING

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{Guayaki Yerba Mate Revel Berry & Chicken Caesar Salad}

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{Neuro drinks: my new obsession}

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