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{Mini Soldiers Table Decorations for PJ's 10th Birthday}

The week started out with PJ's 10th Birthday part. If you have know clue who PJ is, you can see him in my first Vlog. (hes my boyfriends nephew) I was in charge of decorating the cake and tables, witch we all know came out super fabulous. I still cant believe little P turn 10. It feels just like yesterday when i met him, 4 years ago at his young age of 6. Its amazing how time fly's!
Other than that my week has been pretty normal. My boyfriend has jumped on the healthy living bandwagon, so we have been exercising and eating super healthy together. 
Other than that i hope you all have a wonderful weekend and remember to check back her for Beauty Weekend tomorrow.

{Celestial Seasonings Fruit Tea Sampler with a free Lip Balm}

{Fish & Veggie Dinner}

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